Chinese Game Publisher Yozoo’s CEO Dies In Apparent Poisoning

Yoozoo, a video game publisher based in China was established by 39-year-old billionaire and CEO Lin Qi back in 2009. The founder was found dead last Christmas after an apparent poisoning from an unknown source. Lin is also accredited as The Three-Body Problem’s executive producer which is an upcoming Netflix series headed by Game of Thrones makers D.B. Weiss and David Benioff.

The new series is based on a trilogy of best-selling Chinese narratives that have been translated into various languages and Yoozoo obtained the rights to its screen adaptation back in 2015 with plans to make a franchise of six movies. When Yoozoo settled to make the Netflix series, the company has already started working on Chinese-language adaptations of the novels via a partner company called the Three-Body Problem Universe, headed by CEO Xu Yao.

Last December 16, Lin became sick and rushed himself to the hospital and by the very next day, the Yoozoo CEO was already showing signs of brain death, based on credible news sites. Doctors alerted the authorities that they are suspicious that the man had been poisoned.

A thorough investigation began and police zeroed in on Xu Yao, who was believed to have poisoned Lin because of work problems among company executives. Xu has since been taken into custody, although the investigation has not yet been closed.

While the general accord as to the CEO’s cause of death during Christmas Day remains poisoning, the exact source of the poison has not been traced. Originally, Lin was speculated to have been poisoned with aged Pu’er tea, based on local Chinese media outlets. Other news sites claim that Lin died because of a cocktail of various poisons.

Dr. Zhou, who looked at Lin before he died, mentioned that the deceased ate blueberries on the day that he fell sick, although it’s uncertain if the medical professional considers it a possible source of the poison. The symptoms of the CEO, according to the doctor, were similar to those experienced from taking tetrodotoxin, a dangerous neurotoxin found in the pufferfish.


Yoozoo Games verified last Christmas Day that it had gotten news of Lin’s fatal encounter directly from his family. “The board of directors gives its highest respects to the chairman for his contributions to the firm,” the message stated, and staffs at the company were in “deep grief and mourning.”

Another farewell was later posted on the company’s official social media accounts, and tons of white candles and flowers in the shape of a heart were put outside of the Yoozoo main office in Shanghai.

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