Every time Apex Legends launches a brand-new season, Respawn Entertainment always releases episodic storylines. This content started with Season 5 and now players look forward to these with each season that comes and goes.

Despite the several mini-episodes that have already been released since the fifth season, the reason for Loba’s negative feelings towards Revenant still leaves fans confused even until today.

Apex Legends Season 5’s storyline is all about the legend named Loba. Entitled The Broken Ghost, we follow Loba’s mission to try and ask the other legends for help in assembling an artifact. However, she refuses to tell them what this strange artifact is for. We soon discover that the mysterious object was actually the head of Ash — or rather an imitation of it just like what Revenant is.


As the storyline goes on, Apex Legends reveals that Hammond Robotics agreed to inform Loba where Revenant’s source code is (a.k.a the bona fide copy of his mind) in exchange for the Ash simulacrum that Loba found. It was believed that Revenant could only be defeated via his source code.

On the other hand, Loba began to have second thoughts after she found out that Revenant wanted her to find his source code as well so that she could finally finish him off. It appears that Revenant is more than willing to die so that he can finally be at peace.

Now that Apex Legends is on its seventh season, Loba has finally found Revenant’s source code. Respawn Entertainment shared the new episode on the game’s official Twitter account. According to the video, Loba doesn’t plan on giving the source code to her mortal enemy nor will she finish him off.

Instead, she decided to send it to a far-away planet known as Gridiron. By doing this, Loba believes that Revenant is now at her mercy. He musters his strength to attack the legend, but Loba walks away in the end having won the battle.

The storyline was released in the format of something similar to an audio play or perhaps even a podcast. The video features mesmerizing art by Fragment, who is a dedicated member of Apex Legends’ community.

Speaking of, Respawn Entertainment actually only decided to work with fan artists this year to help it create bonus story content that is a part of the game’s overall canon. This fact definitely didn’t go unnoticed and most of the fans seem to love it.

We’re definitely excited to see where Apex Legends’ storyline will go from here, although it’s highly likely that we won’t be hearing about Loba and Revenant at least until next year or Season 8. For now, the spotlight will fall on Pathfinder next, since he’s expected to be a part of his own Stories from the Outlands video. For those interested, this video is set to debut on December 29, 2020.

After the Stories from the Outlands video, players will be treated to a couple of new cosmetics along with a town takeover. This is supposed to be a part of the upcoming “Fight Night” collection event. In Pathfinder’s case, his town takeover will be in Olympus and we expect this to take place in early 2021.

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