The Best Settlements In Fallout 4 Ranked From Worse To Best

The opportunity to aid the Minutemen in recovering the Wasteland by building towns for other wastelanders is an intriguing element in Fallout 4. Players may build out a mini-empire in the Commonwealth with enough elbow grease, which will give a continuous flow of caps, supplies, things to buy, and even military help in war.

A few towns stand out among the many available in the game in terms of what they can give the player. Here are the greatest towns in the game, whether for a defendable territory, cropland, or pleasant aesthetics.

Warwick Homestead


An abandoned sewage treatment plant has been turned into a village known as the Warwick Homestead. The main structure is rather vast, and with some creative use of staircases and walkways, it may be a fun and secure venue.

There is also some farmland, and the Warwick family will have already planted a few Gourd plants. Making a home out of a sewage treatment facility may sound like a bad idea, but the Warwick Homestead is really a good site to shelter your allies and grow food.

Kingsport Lighthouse


The Kingsport Lighthouse has a medium-sized building space, but it already has a lighthouse, a dwelling, a pier, and a small agriculture plot. It also includes natural fortifications in the form of the ocean and rock ledges, forcing attackers to approach either the dock or the road, both of which are simple to defend without being there.

Although it isn’t the largest or most spectacular colony, it is dependable and makes a significant contribution to your empire. Build defenses, scavengers, farms, and trade routes, then tie them all together.

Finch Farm


When you first get it, the Finch Farm is fairly unattractive. A water pump, a cooking station, a modest cabin for a family of four, and a small plot of land with crops already planted are all included. You could get away with slapping a few farms and defenses up and moving on, but there’s a lot of untapped potentials here.

The building height extends up to the overpass above, allowing you to extend your colony up to this vantage point for extra housing, access to the streets above, and fantastic defenses by employing a series of staircases. In the end, it pales in comparison to the other items on our list, but it has the potential to be amazing if used correctly.

Starlight Drive-In


This former drive-in movie theater is now an abandoned parking area with rusted automobiles and radioactive waste containers. Those automobiles and radioactive barrels may be scrapped for important materials, allowing you to construct the base of your dreams on a big flat surface.

Stacking survivors on top of each other is ideal for large-scale habitation. It’s also a wonderful place to keep your Power Armor collection, which may be proudly exhibited in a personal gallery.

Egret Tours Marina


Given the run-down structures and random encounter spawn spot, Egret Tours Marina may appear unsuitable for a base (the latter meaning this place will be under attack often). However, it may be beneficial to both you as a player and your empire with the appropriate arrangement.

This base is brimming with water that can be generated and supplied to neighboring towns. Its closeness to the Edge of the Glowing Sea makes it an ideal staging site for expeditions into this perilous region. Focus on defenses, clean water, workshops, and one or two trade posts for supplies, and you’ll have a powerful outpost.



Almost as soon as the player obtains this modest town, it becomes an excellent colony. Walls are encircling the community, several residents, and a robot named Deezer that offers a can of Deezer’s Lemonade that restores 50 hit points on a regular basis.

The low ranking is due to the fact that the village is one of the smallest in the game, and there are already homes in place, making it uncustomizable. Furthermore, the fantastic gun turrets on the walls are a one-time item that can’t be restored once they’ve been destroyed.

The Mechanist’s Lair


The Mechanist’s Lair is a superb town in terms of utility and distinct aesthetics, and it’s part of the Automatron add-on. It’s the house of the notorious Mechanist, who used her robots to bring peace to the Commonwealth. Her lair serves as the ideal camp for individuals who enjoy a bit of role-playing.

This underground facility features a hidden entrance for individuals who want to play as a crazy genius or villain. Although it will have to rely on another community for food because it cannot cultivate its own, the robotic factory creates a perfect setting for darker people.

Sanctuary Hills


As they go on a mission to recover their stolen son, the Sole Survivor’s old house before the nuclear catastrophe can once again be their home. Players may reconstruct Sanctuary Hills into a makeshift post-apocalyptic suburb right out of the Rick And Morty episode “Rickmancing The Stone,” however, it will never be as good as it once was.

It offers plenty of area for the people and good farming, but it ranks low since protecting it may be difficult due to the numerous entry points. Not to add that living there is a little melancholy after the loss of your husband and neighbors.

Echo Lake Lumber


This old lumber mill is one of the game’s largest communities and serves as an excellent foundation. It takes a lot of effort to clean out the trash, but it yields a lot of wood and other building supplies, so it’s well worth it.

There’s a natural border in the form of a hedge, plenty of room for farming, and the main structure is more than adequate sheltering settlers. After clearing it up and having everything set up, it’s a robust town that can be self-sufficient and easy to defend.

Bunker Hill


This colony is ideal for hunkering down and surviving a siege. It’s enclosed by a strong wall with a big door that keeps intruders out. It also has a big obelisk in front of it, but sadly, no development is allowed on top of it.

One of the nicest aspects of this settlement is the consistent flow of caps generated by the town’s existing business. Even if you don’t intend to develop or utilize it, after securing it and without any expenditure, the player receives an immediate passive revenue source, making it one of the better settlements to capture.



This unusual settlement easily reaches the top five due to its versatility and use. The Graygarden has a crew of Mister Handy robots that are busy harvesting and maintaining a greenhouse. In addition to the pre-built garden, the robots do not require any water or food to survive. This implies that the player may consume all of the food, sell to merchants, or support non-self-sustaining communities.

Another advantage of this town is that the highway above it is included in the construction zone. As a result, imaginative players might construct a gigantic stairway that leads up to it, including the area into the settlement.

Vault 88


The player can get this incomplete vault and use it as a new underground dwelling. It’s a massive area that rivals the game’s largest town and may be customized for any purpose. The quest to secure this vault also grants access to prototype technologies that can enhance the lives of settlers and make the task of managing a colony network much easier.

Unfortunately, the area in Vault 88 cannot be completely exploited due to the constraints on building sizes in the vanilla version of the game. However, this may easily be overcome with a little light tinkering to create an awesome underground base.

Abernathy Farm


At first look, there doesn’t appear to be much to this agreement. It’s a basic farm with an electricity pylon as its centerpiece. However, this poor farm has the game’s maximum construction restriction: the player may only construct a total of 20 floors.

It’s a fully functional farm with loads of room for even more crops, even for those without the ambition to create a 20-story castle. It’s a fantastic supply of food for your settlement network, with a wall and minimal fortifications.

The Castle


As the player’s settlement empire grows, it’s only natural that he or she should dwell in a castle. Once cleaned of Mirelurks, this stronghold of stone serves as the ideal base, complete with beds, medical facilities, an electrical system, an industrial water purifier, and a store of turrets.

It’s ideal for individuals who want something pre-made and ready to go, and after the holes in the wall are repaired, it’s extremely defendable. It doesn’t score higher because it’s already nearing its construction maximum and doesn’t allow much modification. But who needs a castle when you have one?

Spectacle Island


This large private island is easily the greatest town in the game. The beacon wards off Mirelurks once it is switched on, and a ship generator powers it. It also offers the most square footage and a reasonable height restriction, allowing you a lot of creative freedom.

It does, however, need a significant amount of effort. There’s a lot of trash, a lot of it underwater, and there’s virtually little infrastructure other than free electricity. However, it might be the ideal spot for gamers to create their own little island paradise or wasteland castle because of its size and natural fortifications.

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