Civilization 6 Teases Us With First Look At Gaul

Civilization 6, a strategy game developed by Firaxis Games, has finally released a video that gives us a sneak peek of the Gauls – one of the new civilizations led by Ambiorix. Along with Byzantium, Gaul is the third content pack that will be released in Civilization 6’s New Frontier Pass.

The New Frontier Pass is basically the title’s version of a season or battle pass from other live-service games, and it comes at a retail price of $39.99 USD. This pass will include six content packs that are scheduled to release every two months until March 2021.

At the moment, two packs are available, and these are The Maya & Gran Colombia Pack, and the Ethiopia Pack. Each of these packs includes at least one new civilization, along with new game modes and various new content like leaders for existing civilizations.

If you’ve been playing Civilization for quite some time now, you might think that the Gauls are comparable to the previous game’s Celts at first glance. Undeniably, the two have a few overlapping characteristics, as they were both groups that fought exhausting wars against Rome. Plus, they both appear to be made for early-game dominance.

However, those are the only similarities between the two civilizations. First and foremost, the Celts of Civilization 5 mostly concentrated on earth-based regions as well as faith-based conflicts. On the other hand, the Gauls’ main strategy focused on production and culture.


If you want to try out the Gauls once they’re available in Civilization 6 on September 24, we highly recommend that you focus your early turns on several key areas. Namely, expanding your borders, clearing out barbarian camps, and securing strategic resources will greatly help you as a Gaul player when it comes to constructing districts.

This is of utmost importance because their unique ability stops them from building specialty districts right next to a city center. Not only that, but the Gauls have a unique unit called the Gaesatae that replaces the Warrior, and this one is able to earn combat bonuses against those units that are stronger.

The Gauls also have a unique district called the Oppidum. If you construct this district adjacent to quarries and strategic resources, you will be able to earn large bonuses. What’s more, the Oppidum is already available before the standard Industrial Zone and it has its own ranged defense capabilities.

With that in mind, you can even say that the Oppidum can work not only as an Industrial Zone, but as a modified Encampment as well. The Gaul civilization is also capable of “culture bombing” unclaimed territory, which allows them to claim the tile for themselves.


If you carefully and strategically use the Gaul to your advantage, they could become an Ancient- and Classical-era powerhouse. Since the Gaesatae will have bonuses when they’re up against stronger units, this relieves some pressure from barbarians even when the game progresses through the different eras.

With their unique abilities, the Gaul have the capabilities of conquering territory quickly, as well as strengthen their new land with the Oppidum. As a whole, we think that choosing the Gaul civilization would provide your game with a strong start.

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