Classic Adventure Game ‘Myst’ Reimagined for VR

Myst is a classic adventure puzzler game that has multiple versions available already. We have the Myst Masterpiece Edition from 1999, and the realMyst: Masterpiece Edition from 2014. Before all these editions, though, there’s the original 1993 game that came in a CD-ROM.

If you were starting to miss this classic title, you’re in luck. Cyan Inc. has announced that they will be relaunching a “reimagined” version of Myst, one that will be able to support VR and flatscreen PC.

This upcoming version will feature new art, sound, interactions, and even an optional puzzle randomizer.

Myst played in VR is awe-inspiring, especially if you look at it through the lens of nostalgia. The game was already pretty appealing when it was originally released, how much more now that it’s being reimagined with better graphics and visuals?



That in mind, it’s highly possible that a lot of the gameplay hasn’t aged well. If memory serves right, playing the original Myst meant thoroughly scouring the screen just to find the right pixel to activate.

However, the thought of freely moving through the aesthetically-pleasing world of Myst while using VR sounds amazing.

To celebrate this announcement, Cyan Inc. released a new trailer for Myst, but it doesn’t really show any gameplay. This actually isn’t Cyan’s first time delving into VR. They once released an atmospheric yet somewhat flawed game titled Obduction, which had VR support.

This new and reimagined version of Myst doesn’t have a release date yet, but you can add it to your wishlist via different storefronts such as Steam.

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