Call of Duty Warzone Finale Ends Nuke Story

A climactic final cutscene has been revealed in Call of Duty Warzone and it apparently wraps up the ongoing storyline about a nuke. Since the launch of Call of Duty Black Ops Cold War, its battle royale counterpart Warzone has served to start to integrate a few of the series’ separate brands into one whole.

This hasn’t been received well by some fans in terms of the balancing of weapons, but the story hooks that brought some major villains from across the Call of Duty franchise together into one complex web of lore is precisely the kind of storytelling that players thrive on in 2020.


However, Warzone isn’t just a plain multiplayer mode. Similar to Fortnite, Apex Legends, and other popular titles in the genre, Call of Duty Warzone aims to tell a continuous story over multiple seasons which will retain players coming back month after month.

The mode began alongside last year’s Call of Duty Modern Warfare, so there has been plenty of build-up throughout 2020. The main Call of Duty Modern Warfare operators has pursued Victor Zakhaev, a secondary villain from the original Modern Warfare from Xbox 360 era that also emerged in the Cold War’s main campaign for a short cameo.

Geeky Pastimes, a popular YouTuber, combined together with an impressively detailed guide for players looking to experience the finale of the Warzone storyline as fast as possible. Unlocking the cutscene involves gathering pieces of intel during gameplay, some of which are as tiny as a gold coin.

The intel locations are only indicated through photos of the map and are scattered all over the region. Players must gather the intel one at a time, so it would take a patient player to collect them all if they do it without a guide. There have been several of these tasks throughout the life of Warzone, each leading to a little in-game progress on the ongoing plot.

As for the cutscene, it shows Captain Price and his team finally locating Zakhaev and stopping him from deploying a nuclear bomb and “sticking a knife in the neck of history.” The cutscene is a direct continuation of the plot from last year’s Call of Duty Modern Warfare, which features Victor and his father in an altered retelling of the version of events back in 2007.

Of course, the plot of a battle royale goes on forward, so characters are certain to fit in a statement that things are not yet done as they rush off to their next mission and a new narrative.

Christian Allen Tandoc
Christian Allen Tandoc
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