Apex Legends Introduces New Game Mode Called ‘Airdrop Escalation’

Respawn Entertainment is beginning the new year with a strong start, as Apex Legends Season 7 is expected to have a new update as well as even more content within the week. A few days ago, the developer shared the patch notes for the Fight Night Collection Event, which notes down all the changes and fixes that will be added in Apex Legends.

The patch notes state that for January 2021, an Apex Legends update will be dropped and it will consist of various bug fixes for the game. Not only that, but the January update will also introduce the highly-anticipated Fight Night Collection Event along with all its new rewards, weapons, and skins.

Among other things, the developer will also be adding something new to the battle royale’s limited-time game modes. More specifically, the upcoming event will feature a brand-new LTM called Airdrop Escalation. The patch notes say that it “will be a ‘takeover’ of the normal ‘Play Apex’ game mode.” That description alone sounds very interesting.


From what we can understand, the limited-time mode will play similarly to the standard Battle Royale, but the difference is that it will provide more supply drops than ever before. Airdrop Escalation initially offers players four supply drops which will be peppered throughout the game’s map.

With each round that passes, the supply drops will also increase. Its increase rate will supposedly be the same as Lifeline’s Care Packages in a regular game of Apex Legends. Every supply drop will have “a fully-kitted weapon of different tiers” that will differ with each round.

However, the catch is that players won’t have the ability to swap the weapons’ attachments or break them down. On the other hand, regular weapons will still be offered as loot during the rounds. The team behind the development of Apex Legends would be more than happy to know what players think of the new “takeover” approach they’re testing out, so feel free to reach out to them for any feedback or concerns.

That being said, there’s more coming to Apex Legends asides from the Airdrop Escalation takeover. For one thing, the Fight Night Collection Event will offer players 24 new items that can either be obtained using Crafting Metals or with Apex Coins. These items will also be included in the Event Apex Packs during the entire event, which will contain two non-event items and one event item.


There will be a bonus for those players who manage to obtain all 24 items, which will come in the form of the Gibraltar Heirloom. This item can be accessed through heirloom crafting once the event concludes.

Other changes and updates include bug fixes given to a variety of Legends, and adjustments for different weapons and a few characters. In addition, the Olympus map will also have new loot-giving MRVNs, which is something that players can be excited about.

Apex Legends’ Fight Night Collection Event will begin on January 5 at 8 PM PT. Respawn Entertainment hasn’t mentioned when the event will end, but it’s best to make the most out of it as soon as it starts.

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