Call of Duty Warzone Getting Saw, Texas Chainsaw Massacre Skins During Halloween Event

Call of Duty Warzone has triumphantly integrated the battle royale mode to the Call of Duty series. While the gameplay traditions of battle royale have been popular for other titles, introducing Call of Duty mechanics to the genre really impressed gamers.

To keep fans playing, the developers are rolling out updates every week that usually fixes issues and add additional features. The latest update in Call of Duty Warzone celebrates the upcoming Halloween season through the addition of new skins and bundles with a spooky theme.

There have been other scary updates in the game but most players have opted for other skins and exclusive features. Luckily, the October update has included an array of new skins for players to try out.

However, these new additions will come at a price but with more than 25 bundles to choose from, they will likely seduce some players. The new cosmetics also pay tribute to several popular horror movies.


COD Tracker has just updated its database to add several new skin bundles which include masks from the Saw and Texas Chainsaw Massacre movies as well as a Grim Reaper Ghost bundle.

There are also other options not related to the movies for players who have wilder interest in their horror impressions. While several players wish that they could get their hands on the new content through the skills that they display in the game, it looks like most of the skins will only be obtained via a financial transaction. Regardless, these new operator cosmetics will likely seduce fans who are eager to be part of the Halloween celebrations that are scheduled to take place in the game.

The new Jigsaw Mask from the Saw movie series is already scaring players and it will be exciting to see if it becomes a popular option in Call of Duty Warzone. Similarly, other players will be seduced by the other scary themes they can discover.

These aesthetics coming along with the Halloween celebration event should make a terrifying atmosphere when players are fighting to be the last man standing in the battle royale game. The new masks should even become creepier as the event progresses.

There is also a night map coming to Call of Duty Warzone and it’s safe to say that most fans would like to avoid facing Jigsaw under these situations. With this in mind, most players will likely want to spend cash and get the scary skin so they can surprise their opponents out of the match. Whether fans creep each other out or not, it’s certain that Warzone is welcoming the Halloween season with its recent update.

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