Latest Pokemon Go Datamine Leaks New Costumes, Runerigus, and More

The most recent Pokemon Go APK teardown has been released and as anticipated, it is full of hints about what’s coming to the game during the Halloween season. This entire month has already been filled with exclusive events and brand new features such as the bizarre Strange Eggs and the end of October will certainly be even be filled with more exciting events.

Although early announcements provided lots of teasers regarding bonuses and features coming to the Pokemon Go Halloween event and there will surely be other exciting surprises as well. However, players who don’t want to be spoiled about the upcoming surprise events may want to avoid the following spoilers below.

As usual, it is worth noting that the details found in APK teardowns and data mines are subject to change and none of this information has been officially announced by Niantic as of writing. With this in mind, here is what the datamine and teardown are pointing out towards the next Pokemon Go update.


New Pokemon

The code from the datamine points that Runerigus, the evolved form of Galarian Yamask, will be coming to Pokemon Go in the near future. This doesn’t certainly suggest that Runerigus will be added to the game this Halloween event, but it sure looks possible.

Here are the exact codes from the datamine:





New Gift Box

The content of the gift boxes was not revealed but it seems like three frightening gift boxes will be added to the Pokemon Go in-game shop for the Halloween event.

Sableye Costume

The code from the APK teardown also hints that Sableye will be receiving a new costume in celebration of the Halloween season. For players getting tired of capturing Pikachu with tons of various hats, this will be a great change of pace.


New Pokemon Moves

The code below suggests the addition of two new Pokemon moves:



Based on the leak, the moves Dark Void and Incinerate will be integrated as a new possible move to several Pokemon in a future update.

Avid Pokemon fans that are familiar with the main games should be familiar with Dark Void since the move is associated with the rare Pokemon Darkrai. This could suggest that the new move will be available for the Legendary Pokemon the next time it will be featured again in 5-star Battle Raids.

The rest of the leak went on to reveal new seasonal stickers, several quality of life enhancements, and other bug fixes. It should be pretty interesting to see all these additions and improvements roll out in the next coming weeks as the new update goes online and as the Halloween season event kicks off.

For now, Pokemon Go players should be able to go outside or still play at home and continue capturing the best Unova Pokemon currently available in the game and get closer to completing that Pokedex.

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