CryoSpace Is A Sci-Fi Horror Title Set To Release In 2022

Developed by Kuklam Studios and to be published by Games Operators, Cryospace is a sci-fi horror PC game that’s set to launch some time in 2022. The title may still be in the works right now, but several screenshots, videos, and other details about it have already been revealed.

Cryospace follows the story of a regular maintenance guy who just happened to get involved in a series of bizarre events. Seeing as he’s an ordinary person, the main protagonist doesn’t have the skills and capabilities of a soldier or a fighter, yet he has no choice but to run and fight for his life.

Waking up from cryo-sleep inside a spaceship that’s floating around in the middle of nowhere, the protagonist is the only one who can help the other frozen crew members wake up and survive. Just because he’s the only one who was able to wake up on his own doesn’t mean he’ll remain alive forever though.

Before he gets to save others, however, the protagonist needs to save himself first by finding a way out of the cryo-tube and then look for both food and oxygen to stay alive. Since he’s the only one who can help, he’s tasked with the heavy responsibility of saving the rest of the crew from either death or eternal cryo-sleep.

The thing is, the spaceship they’re on isn’t anywhere near other planets, celestial bodies, or even other spaceships. However, it appears that strange alien creatures are on board the ship with them, lurking in the shadows.

Once the protagonist gets to awaken the other members though, they can start to form a colony or group of survivors on board the ship. The rest of the crewmates consist of a variety of people, including soldiers, other workers, and even colonizers whose goal is to populate undiscovered or far away planets.

That being said, the formed colony of survivors will have to work and fight together for everyone’s sake. However, one problem is that oxygen and food supplies are limited and won’t be enough if the protagonist wakes every member. As such, players have to decide which crew member is useful to the protagonist, while the ones that aren’t as useful can be put back to cryosleep — at least until their situation becomes better.


The ship itself is full of life-threatening dangers such as traps that the protagonist needs to look out for as well as the alien lifeforms. On the bright side, players can acquire debris and scraps and then utilize them to create new structures that will greatly improve their defenses.

Another vital element of Cryospace’s gameplay is fighting off the alien creatures that found their way inside the spaceship. As the protagonist continues his exploration through the ship, players will learn more about the events that took place that led them to where they are now. In other words, answers to questions will be unveiled eventually.

On the other hand, the alien lifeforms that have made the spaceship their home believe that the protagonist and his crewmates are the real invaders. As such, they won’t give up their new habitat and will die trying.

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