Cyberpunk 2077’s New Trailer Highlights Photo Mode

CD Projekt Red has been on a roll promoting its upcoming action RPG, so much so that one might think that there’s nothing new about the game they can promote at this point. However, it appears that the developer’s marketing team still has a lot up its sleeve.

This time around, the newest trailer highlights Cyberpunk 2077’s photo mode, giving players an idea of just how detailed the options will be if they want to take an in-game screenshot.

From what we can see in the trailer, the game’s photo mode is possibly one of the most detailed options out there, offering players everything they could possibly want in this kind of feature.

There’s a range of effects to choose from, such as contrast, grain, highlights, and more. Similar to the PlayStation’s Spider-Man titles, Cyberpunk 2077’s photo mode will also have a variety of stickers as well as photo frames.

Not only that, there are more in-depth camera options available too. This gives players full control over Depth of Field settings as well as the camera’s Field of View. As shown in some of the more detailed samples found in the trailer, players are also given the ability to change V’s poses as well as facial expressions.

We aren’t entirely surprised by this aspect because CD Projekt Red previously confirmed that there will be a variety of poses available for V in the photo mode, however, it’s still great that we got to see it in action in the trailer.

One sample shows the character in the middle of an intense gunfight, while another sample highlights a pose that may be familiar to fans of the video game Dark Souls.

Long-time Dark Souls fans along with several YouTubers flooded the trailer’s comments section with “Praise The Sun” because one pose, as shown in the trailer, has V copying the iconic Solaire from Dark Souls.

For more context, Solaire is a character who is known for a particular pose wherein he raises both his arms in the air to form a V shape. In the trailer, V does that very same pose while an explosion takes place in the background.


The pose is aptly called “V for Victory,” which fits given the fact that the protagonist is named V. That being said, we don’t know for sure if CD Projekt Red intentionally meant this pose to be a Dark Souls reference, but we’re sure that many fans will think so.

Given how detailed this photo mode is, we can definitely see that CD Projekt Red put a lot of time and effort into this feature. Most of the time, a video game’s photo mode gets updated throughout its lifetime, like Assassin’s Creed Valhalla’s photo mode, for example.

However, Cyberpunk 2077’s photo mode already gives its players everything they could possibly want and need from the get-go. Those who enjoy taking in-game photography and the like will surely have a blast going through the different options available.

Cyberpunk 2077 is set to release next week — finally — after how many years of waiting. It won’t be long now before fans can explore and experience the streets of Night City.

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