Dead By Daylight Giving Out More Holiday Rewards For Free

Dead By Daylight is meeting the New Year with another round of free in-game currency and free skins, marking the conclusion of its Advent Calendar Celebration. This week’s rewards will include 1000 Iridescent Shards, a New Year 2021 Charm, a pair of Frosty Eyes for The Blight, and a massive 110,000 Bloodpoints.

In the spirit of Christmas, Dead By Daylight released its Advent Calendar 2020 event, providing players in-game currency and various cosmetics each day between December 1st through January 3rd. The event is now in its final week, giving survivors and killers alike one last chance to add to their growing collection of in-game items.

Players logging in from December 28 until December 31 will be able to use the code FROSTYBLIGHT to get The Blight’s Frosty Eyes cosmetic. Using the code NEWYEARNEWENTITY between December 31st  and January 3rd will allow players to unlock the New Year ’21 charm.

In-game currency will also be available every day, though players will want to ensure that they log in at least once between December 31 and January 3 in order to earn 100,000 Bloodpoints. The aforementioned Bloodpoints will only be claimable once.

The winter event for this year adds to the game’s hefty Holiday Horror Collection, which includes the Trapper’s festive Krampus outfit as well as The Twins’ heart-warming Blood and Guts set. Though these presents must be bought through Dead By Daylight’s in-game shop.

The Advent Calendar marks Dead by Daylight’s first “Celebration” since developer Behavior Interactive revealed its new approach to in-game events. After receiving fan backlash from this year’s frustrating Eternal Blight Halloween event, the developers overhauled their approach to seasonal events.

To focus more on providing a quality experience for their potent Anniversary and Halloween events, the development team has changed all their events into “Celebrations.” While some players may have wanted more out of the ongoing winter event, it is very encouraging to witness Behavior Interactive respond so quickly to their players’ feedback.

The Advent Calendar event has given tons of in-game currency and various cosmetics all throughout the month. The triumph of the developer’s new strategy will depend on its upcoming Anniversary event in June 2021.

Below is the full breakdown of the Advent Calendar rewards schedule:

Login Currencies

  • 28th 11 AM ET – Dec. 29th, 11 AM ET: 500 Iridescent Shards
  • 29th 11 AM ET – Dec. 30th, 11 AM ET: 10,000 Bloodpoints
  • 30th 11 AM ET – Dec. 31st, 11 AM ET: 500 Iridescent Shards
  • 31st 11 AM ET – Jan. 3rd, 11 AM ET: 100,000 Bloodpoints (only claimable once)


  • 28th 11 AM ET – Dec. 31st, 11 AM ET: The Blight’s Frosty Eyes Code: FROSTYBLIGHT
  • 31st 11 AM ET – Jan. 3rd, 11 AM ET: New Year ‘21 Charm Code: NEWYEARNEWENTITY
Christian Allen Tandoc
Christian Allen Tandoc
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