Dead by Daylight Releases More Stranger Things Cosmetics

At the point, most people who consume media have seen Stranger Things—or have heard of it, at least. The TV series was first released in 2016 and has seen tremendous success and popularity since then. As such, it didn’t come as a surprise when the supernatural horror series made its way to Behaviour Interactive’s asymmetric survival horror video game, Dead by Daylight, in 2019.

More specifically, the game introduced the iconic Demogorgon as a new killer, as well as Nancy Wheeler and Steve Harrington as two new survivors. Now, Behaviour Interactive has announced that a new outfit collection for the in-game Stranger Things cast is set to release. The Dead by Daylight “Moments of Growth” collection will not only include new skins for the playable survivors, but for the Demogorgon itself as well.

This collection can be purchased from Dead by Daylight’s in-game store, and will have new outfits and even hairstyles for both Steve and Nancy, and a gruesome new appearance for the killer.

The Demogorgon skin, which is called the Geo Mutation, gives the monster a newer appearance wherein there are pieces of what looks like stone coming out of its body. Not only that, the skin also includes Armored Plate, Crag Claw, and Rock Jaw. The new outfits for the teen survivors, on the other hand, don’t look horrifying—albeit a little grubby.

Steve Harrington’s new outfit is called Highschool Hunk, and it gives the character his signature hairstyle from the TV series. It also features a matching striped polo and khaki pants look, making Steve really exude the same vibe that popular high schoolers have.

On the other hand, Nancy Wheeler’s Days of Rose outfit has her wearing a pink cardigan matched with an Indiana pink skirt, along with a pulled-back hairstyle with a pink headband. It’s clear to see that both of the character’s outfits for this collection were based on clothes they wore during the first season of Stranger Things. And while they don’t look fitting for running away from a bloodthirsty killer, it’s assured that at least they’ll look classy while doing so.

Dead by Daylight recently had an update, which introduced a variety of improvements to the game, including the UI and graphics in general. The update also revamped two major maps in the game, implemented more seamless animations for new survivors and killers, as well as changed the player HUDs.

In order to make use of these new cosmetics, players must first have unlocked the Stranger Things cast already. In order to do so, players simply need to get their hands on the Stranger Things DLC to make the survivors and killer available for use, and then purchase the Moments of Growth collection from the in-game shop for the skins.

The in-game shop also offers The Binding of Kin DLC, which has the latest killer known as The Twins and the newest survivor, Elodie Rakoto. At this point, Dead by Daylight has a sizeable amount of playable killers and survivors, and while some need to be purchased and unlocked first via DLCs, they definitely make the game even more interesting than it already is.

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