Deathloop Confirmed To Release On Steam

Last week, it was confirmed that Deathloop was going to be released next year on May 21. This first-person shooter with an innovative storyline has attracted a decent amount of gamers because so far, the game has shown a lot of potential.

As such, it was great to finally get an official release date from publisher Bethesda. We were already aware that Deathloop was going to get a PC release, however, we just weren’t sure if it was going to be available on Steam’s digital storefront.

That being said, it appears that our question has been answered because Steam currently has a store page for the upcoming game and you can even add it to your wishlist or pre-purchase the game from there.

The store page also features a pretty thorough description of Deathloop as well as gameplay trailers to give potential players an idea about the game and what they can expect.


Steam is an extremely popular digital storefront for video games, and countless gamers turn to the platform if they want to purchase games. As such, we can imagine that those who have been hoping to check out Deathloop and its time loop mechanics are thrilled by this news.

Deathloop’s main protagonist is named Colt, and he has to eliminate all the other assassins. If you haven’t checked out the trailers for the game, Deathloop can only be won if or when players kill all the other targets within a certain period of time.

As such, players really have to strategize and find a way to eliminate the other assassins, who are situated in different areas of the map, as fast as possible. If all targets aren’t killed within the time limit, the time loop activates and players will have to do everything again from the very beginning.

Understandably, having to constantly repeat everything from the start can become frustrating after a while. However, you can also take your failure as a chance to learn more and more about the targets in question, such as their weaknesses and strengths.


Even the main character Colt has a few special powers up his sleeve, which will surely help him on his quest to get rid of the other assassins. Now, Deathloop has a very interesting mechanic in the form of Julianna, an assassin who is tasked to stop Colt from successfully killing off everyone.

This is where Deathloop’s online multiplayer enters the fray. Through online multiplayer, another player can take the role of Julianna and try to stop the other player who is controlling Colt.

We’re impressed with Deathloop’s shooting and combat mechanics based on what we can see from the trailers so far. However, it’s way too early to say anything conclusive about the game, so we’ll just have to wait and see how good the game actually plays once it’s released in 2021.

The market is currently saturated with a variety of first-person shooters, but Deathloop was able to stand out due to its unique concept. How successful the game will be completely depends on the fans’ reception, but so far, Bethesda Softworks and Arkane Studios are doing alright.

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