Here’s Your Chance to Try Bugsnax in Real Life

If you’re one of the lucky people who have gotten their hands on a PlayStation 5, then you’ve probably already experienced the strange and delicious world of Bugsnax. Developed by Young Horses, the ones who created Octodad, Bugsnax is currently available for free for those PS5 users who have a PS Plus membership.

The game is vibrant and unique and appears to be a hit among families. However, have you ever wondered, out of curiosity, how these Bugsnax would taste like? Well, here’s your chance to find out.

Created by Victoria Rosenthal, Pixelated Provisions is a website that’s committed to recreating all kinds of food found in video games. Her content has been a huge hit in the gaming community, so much so that she has even published a couple of cookbooks with recipes that are inspired by video game food, including Fallout and Destiny.

Now, it appears that Rosenthal’s latest project for Pixelated Provisions has to do with turning Bugsnax into real-world food that fans can munch on. At the moment, Rosenthal has already published a few Bugsnax recipes on her website, including Cinnasnail, Flapjackarak, and Strabby.

That being said, the cookbook author has admitted that she hasn’t played the game yet, but she does have plans on doing so. As such, players can expect more Bugsnax recipes on her website in the near future.

As for the game itself, it appears that Bugsnax has been pretty well-received so far. Basing on the trailers alone, it’s no lie that the game seems somewhat strange. However, both players and critics appreciate the game for being able to find a good balance between mature and family-friendly content.

Even though the game is understandably much shorter than other PS5 launch titles, such as Demon’s Souls, for example, fans still like it for its interesting roster of characters and charming humor.

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Given this fact, it doesn’t come as a surprise that some players have claimed that Bugsnax is one of the best PS5 launch games and that’s really saying something. Even though there aren’t a lot of new PS5 exclusive titles, there’s still a bunch of iconic games on the list.

For instance, one of the games included in this solid library is Spider-Man: Miles Morales, which is the highly-awaited sequel to Insomniac Games’ Spider-Man on PS4. The breathtaking Demon’s Souls remake by Bluepoint is also a part of the list, which is another game worth checking out.

Without a doubt, there are so many gamers right now who are clamoring to get their hands on a PlayStation 5. Perhaps they’re even excited to try out Bugsnax for themselves or for their kid’s entertainment. However, it appears that the demand for the console is higher than the available supply.

Every time players try to order the console when new stocks arrive, the website receives too much traffic and ends up crashing more often than not. As a matter of fact, some have been trying to buy the console ever since September, which is when pre-orders for the PS5 went live.

At this point, players will have to do their best to get their hands on the console via physical retailers once Black Friday comes along, as brick and mortar establishments such as Best Buy will be sure to restock then.

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