Everything There Is To Know About Skyrim’s Restoration Magic

With too many character choices available in The Elder Scrolls V: Skyrim, deciding on one’s next build can be difficult. The Mage gives the most for Dragonborn inclined to the arcane of the three major constellations that cover all talents. This playstyle consists of six skills, each of which specializes in a particular type of gameplay.

Restoration is one such magical ability that is available to all players from the start of the game through the simple spell Healing. This recovers ten percent of the caster’s health every second which can be a lifesaver in a variety of early-game circumstances.

The most important stat in the game is health; without it, the game will be over. It is important for all builds to keep it from reaching 0. The only way to ensure that the player holds as many of these valuable hit points as possible is to use restoration abilities. Knowing more about this important school of magic will help all players.

Restoring HP


The Restoration spells that restore lost hit points are the most straightforward and simple to use. The simple Healing spell is very useful at first, but there are much stronger variations available that heal the Dragonborn with considerably more health in a moment rather than over time.

Allies will be healed as well, with the exception of the zombies, atronachs, and robots. Such spells are reasonably cheap. Grand Healing, the expert rank spell that grants the greatest return to life, returns 200 hit points to the caster and anyone around for only 254 Magicka, a fraction of the cost of expert-level spells with other skills. With the right perks, this can also be reduced.

Fend Off The Undead


Spells that target and assault the undead, such as skeletons, draugrs, and some spectral adversaries, are another useful tool used in the Restoration academy. Turn Undead and its variants allow these creepy enemies to escape for a short time.

Due to the prevalence of undead enemies in Skyrim’s dungeons, this is a collection of spells that can assist in dealing with even the most powerful foes, such as draugr scourges and deathlords. Turn Greater Undead, for example, will take necromantic opponents up to level 21 fleeing in panic for 30 seconds.

Best Perks


Aside from the standard perks, such as those that decrease Magicka cost and improve spell strength, there is a slew of others that can help a vast range of builds. The Recovery benefits grant much quicker Magicka restoration, which will help any magic-based playstyle and are well worth picking up. Warriors would enjoy Respite for it helps healing spells to recover one’s stamina bar as well.

Ward Absorb grants one’s mystical buffers the power to ingest and pass Magicka from attacks aimed at the player, which is useful for those who specialize in wards. Finally, the best perk available is well up the skill chain, but it allows players to save certain doom. If the player’s Health decreases below 10% of its full worth, Avoid Death instantly restores 250 HP to them.

Balanced Leveling


Restoration is a powerful school of magic that benefits a wide range of playstyles, but there are many ways to combine it with other abilities. Casting the simple Healing spell to steadily restore health and still using an Alteration spell called Equilibrium is one way for players to level up their Restoration and Alteration abilities at the same time.

At a rate of 25 points per second, Equilibrium turns one’s Health into Magicka. If the Dragonborn has Sailor’s Repose and Restoration’s Regeneration perk, the level the Dragonborn heals with Healing can be close enough to the drain caused by Equilibrium that they can use both for minutes at a time, quickly accumulating experience in two of The Mage’s abilities.

Useful Effect


There is an Active Effect that can be obtained that stacks well with many Restoration perks and abilities. The Sailor’s Repose impact is obtained by completing a quest found upon joining Frostflow Lighthouse. This bright spot can be seen to the east and south of Dawnstar.

Genocide at the hands of barbaric fiends awaits the player inside. Slaying them and avenging the butchered family, as revealed by writing in the field, will eventually lead the player to Habd’s remains. If one of these is placed near the lighthouse’s fire and ignited, Habd’s remains will vanish, and the Dragonborn will gain a lasting effect that raises the amount of curing spells that cure by 10%.

Necromantic Healing


Despite the fact that Restoration is mostly focused on fighting the undead, the Dawnguard DLC adds several spells to the Restoration school that will help those trying to reconcile themselves with death. Players will use the Necromantic Healing spell to restore zombie allies including vampires and undead minions raised with Conjuration abilities.

If one is associated with certain dark beings, one may raise them from the sidelines and make them do all of the slayings while the Dragonborn reaps the rewards. There’s also a stronger edition of Heal Undead, which gives fallen allies 75 points of life right away.

Experts and Masters


Colette Marence may be found inferior to her superiors, the College of Winterhold’s professors, despite her enormous assistance with all matters Restoration. Everyone else who can be consulted for specific magical abilities is a master rank teacher in their profession.

Except for Colette, who is just a specialist. If the Dragonborn has the vampire-themed DLC mounted, they can check out Danica Pure-Spring at the Temple of Kynareth in Whiterun or Florentius Baenius at Fort Dawnguard for the highest degree of Restoration preparation.

Warding Dragons


These giant monsters that are often seen in Tamriel’s northernmost province are dangerous for a variety of reasons. Dragons have nasty bite attacks that do a lot of physical harm, as well as a lot of breath attacks that do a lot of magical damage. Despite the fact that these breath attacks are screams, they have the same effect as spells.

As a result, players can use wards against dragons to better deal with both the physical and supernatural attacks that dragons are capable of. Restoration-oriented builds would have a simpler time beating these classic foes if they have the right perks in place.

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