Defiance 2050 Guide: Classes

Classes are where you get to develop your EGO Powers. Select one of the four starting classes when designing a new character: Assault, Assassin, Guardian, or Combat Medic. Earn Hunter Commendations to pay at the Commendations Quartermaster to activate additional Classes. You can also buy the Classes individually in the Defiance Store or different combinations by Packs.

Each Loadout will include a personalized version of one of the unlocked Classes. On the Class Page of the Character Screen, there are 25 Class Points to be earned based on Active and Passive EGO Powers.


Defiance 2050 - Itemization and Enhancement

As the adaptable Assault class, you will become an all-around offensive and defensive Ark Hunter. Use your Sprint speed to jump right into the action or to make a quick exit from hazard! Dive right in for those brutal Super Melee attacks that will annihilate your foes.



As the deadly Assassin class, specialize in vital hits, surprise attacks, and all-out damage! With your latent Stealth skill, sneak up on enemies and strike them down with your Hidden Blade.



As the brave Guardian class, hold the line and keep allies secure in the New Frontier. Set up a shield Barrier to block incoming fire and send out a Shockwave to stun enemies in the field in front of you. With your Steadfast ability, take a stance and dramatically minimize damage taken, then use Taunt to draw enemies’ attention to you.

Combat Medic


As the Combat Medic, you’ll be able to heal wounds, save lives, and buff your unit. You’re given a Healing Bot that follows you around and helps the squad. Use Inspire to boost your allies’ damage or give them an EGO Refresh to reduce ability cooldowns drastically!



You will cause utter damage as the Demolitionist by throwing Satchel Charges that detonate at your command. Use the Hatchling Spawner to annihilate enemies with a swarm of hatchlings, or use the Flashbang to disorient enemies temporarily. Upgrade special passives, such as Drop and Roll, to drop a grenade when you dodge roll. Trigger Cluster Projectiles to rain down extra explosives on explosive attacks or skills, or unload an entire Grenade Barrage to minimize grenade cooldowns greatly.



The Crusader is a powerful bruiser class that comes with a powerful hammer that they can use to fight in epic melee battles! Level up special skills and unlock abilities to jump back into the action or drag opponents in with full power toward you. Later on, the Crusader can gain awe-inspiring powers such as an absorbing shield that defends while still unleashing an external assault for swift vengeance! Alternatively, the Crusader will summon a giant asteroid from the sky and have it smash down on enemies, doing massive damage and knocking them aside.

Class Leveling

Unlike EGO, which is still the same, each Class must be leveled separately. Each Class has 25 Levels and gaining enough XP to progress a Level and earn a Class Point to spend on the Class Tree. Since the XP requirements are different, your initial Class will advance marginally quicker than your EGO when you first start the game. If you reach Level 25, no more XP will be awarded to your fitted Class.

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