Everything You Need To Know About Borderland 3 Raid Boss

Borderlands 3 players will soon be able to enjoy the game’s Director’s Cut material, which includes a new multiverse skin set, murder mystery missions, and vault cards. Hemovorous The Invincible, the game’s first true raid boss, will also be playable.

The war against a giant Varkid, who will undoubtedly be one of the most difficult foes the Vault Hunters have ever faced in the threequel, will definitely necessitate a lot of initiative and planning Vault Hunters.

Even though this is the first raid boss in Borderlands 3, it is far from the first in the series. After all, Borderlands 2 had ten of these encounters, while Borderlands: The Pre-Sequel and its predecessor only had one.


As a result, players will use these previous raid boss appearances to get a clear idea of what to expect when they enter Hemovorous’s arena. Players should expect a lot from their encounter with the terrifying beast in loot, combat style, and difficulty.

The Grinding Process and The Arena

Borderlands 3 fans already know where they’ll be fighting Hemovorous, as the beast’s location has been identified as a locked door on Ascension Bluff. Players were able to glitch within this arena even before Hemovorous was publicly announced.

Though the mystery lingered for a long time, players were eager to figure out how to open the door and summon the boss inside. Gearbox eventually announced that the door could not be unlocked in the base title, but this would change on March 18. Players theorized that Hemovorous is waiting behind this entrance and that by opening it, they will battle her.


The unlocking procedure is straightforward since it is similar to that of previous raid bosses. To access the arena, players will need to pay Eridium, which is priced at 500. Although this could seem to be a large sum, owing to high Mayhem levels and the Revenge of the Cartel case, players have amassed a significant amount of the money.

In addition, both players can help with the unlocking process, allowing entry into the arena fairly standard and straightforward. Since some of Borderlands’ other raid bosses have more complicated cases, this should be easy to grind for loot.

Previous opponents have seen players willing to keep trying until they leave the field when it comes to previous Borderlands raid bosses. This means that fans who pay once will try as many times as they want, and with Hemovorous likely to deal a lot of harm, players can expect to die a few times before winning.


Players would most likely need to abandon Ascension Bluff and return to battle Hemovorous until she is dead. They’ll have to pay an additional 500 Eridium on the war because each kill must be accounted for. However, given Eridium’s utility outside aesthetic unlocks, this shouldn’t be a concern.

Loot Drops and Difficulty

While the lowest level version of Hemovorous is level 35, players higher than this will face a version of Hemovorous that scales to their in-game rating. Hemovorous will also grow better with each Mayhem stage, meaning that any battle with the special boss opponent will be more difficult.

Players would most definitely want to have the best weapons and builds available going into this battle, which is referred to as a true end-game challenge. Aside from that, having four players together can be advantageous, though solo tactics would undoubtedly emerge as time passes.


Hemovorous, like all other Borderlands raid bosses, can lose some unique loot that can only be gained by defeating them. As a result, players should expect some special loot from this boss, but it’s unclear what the objects will be.

Terramorphus, a character in Borderlands 2, released an exclusive class mod that can be used by various characters and builds. When other raid bosses were defeated, they dispersed rare legendary weapons on the ground; something Hemovorous seems to be almost certain to do.

However, since Hemovorous is affected by Mayhem stage, players who want the best version of each exclusive item will have to fight her in Mayhem level 10. Each object would most likely have anointed versions, which would enable even further grinding.


Fortunately, since this is a raid boss, players won’t have to suffer lengthy Takedowns before facing it again. Instead, they will re-open the door and track down more of the boss’s special loot if they have the eridum.

Strategy and Fighting Style

Hemovorous isn’t the first Varkid raid boss players have seen, which is intriguing. Varkids may be evolved in Borderlands 2 to defeat Vermivorous The Invincible. As a result, players will use Hemovorous’s battle with Vermivorous as a model for how he will fight.

Players, on the other hand, will anticipate the polar opposite. Hemovorous is fully grown, while players had to evolve daily bosses to battle Vermivorous. As a result, she can grow during the battle, with each stage strengthening her and introducing new attacks.

Players should consider the first raid boss in Borderlands 3 to have better copies of the attacks used by standard Varkids. Players will launch balls at them, spawn smaller Varkids, and stamp on them. It’s also possible that it’ll have a charge of assault of some kind. Rather than depending on gimmicks like Master Gee or Hyperius, players should expect a simple “shoot until it dies” fight. As a result, every policy should be focused on high harm and survival.


In terms of survival, ensuring that players have long fights for their lives timers would be beneficial. Amara’s ability to revive people from afar will be helpful, and allow the ability for Fl4k’s pets to revive players will be much more so.

The best legendary weapons, shields, and Vault Hunter builds will be needed after that. Finally, players must keep one player alive and fighting for others to revive and return to the arena. Hemovorous’s health will most likely be reset if all four players die, much like older raid bosses.

Players should have no trouble taking down Hemovorous and gathering what would undoubtedly be some useful loot if they exercise caution and patience.

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