Destiny 2: Best Sniper Rifles To Use In The Game

In Destiny 2, sniper rifles have a devastating presence. Over the years, there have been some amazing launches, as well as a lot of garbage to go along with them. The best Destiny 2 sniper rifles are back in the spotlight with the arrival of Beyond Light as a high DPS gun with excellent range and good perk choices. Snipers can be useful in boss fights or when taking on Guardians from afar in the Crucible if used correctly.

While the new Destiny 2 meta prefers mid-range firearms such as hand cannons, auto rifles, and pulse rifles, there is always an odd commitment to precision. Perks and mods that improve reliability and range are a must-have. Sniper rifles are once again useful for those able to put in the effort to improve their long-range accuracy.

Though the upgrade favors newer weapons, some fan-favorite snipers continue to perform admirably. Here are the best sniper rifles to watch out for in Destiny 2.

What To Look For In The Best Sniper Rifles

Sniper rifles are a distinct class in Destiny 2, with several unique characteristics to aim for when selecting the best sniper rifle to use. When it comes to choosing the right sniper rifle for a particular playstyle, there are many things to consider: stats, mods, and perks. In this section, we’ll go over what to look for in the Sniper Rifle class in each of these groups.


In Destiny 2, stats are the base of every piece of gear. They have the most influence on the fundamentals of the piece of hardware, as well as how the weapon operates in general. There are a few stats that are more relevant than some when it comes to sniper rifles.

The Impact statistic is the first one we’ll look at. Impact is the base harm that the sniper rifle can deal with any specific enemy in Destiny 2. It is arguably the most significant stat when it comes to sniper rifles in Destiny 2. For bringing down high-health enemies and bosses from pinnacle content like raids, having a high impact is important.

Handling is the next statistic we’ll look at. This stat determines the speed at which the weapon targets opponents, as well as the weapon’s scoping and aiming speeds when scoped. This stat is crucial for the Sniper Rifle class since using snipers necessitates accuracy, and nailing headshots is the most critical aspect of sniping.

The last statistic we’ll look at in detail is Equilibrium. The strength and pattern of a weapon’s recoil are determined by its stability; getting used to a sniper’s recoil is one of the most important aspects of using a sniper rifle to its maximum capacity. With a high Stability stat, a sniper’s recoil is reduced, allowing players to get more headshots on target and do the most harm possible.

Reload Speed, which decides how quickly a player can reload their sniper rifle, is a stat worth considering. Although this stat is significant, it shouldn’t take precedence over the other stats since players should be far enough away from enemies while reloading to avoid damage.


Mods in Destiny 2 are various equippable objects that can change the effects of a weapon. These can be obtained from Bashee-44 in the Tower, or by updating the seasonal artifact to obtain special Seasonal Mods. Depending on the ones players use and when they use them, these Mods may have significant or minor effects on the sniper rifle of choice.

In Destiny 2, mods are divided into two categories: base and seasonal. Base Mods are Mods that will still be used in the game that can be used on virtually any weapon form. Base mods are more simple in nature and can range from improving weapon aiming to increasing boss damage.

Seasonal Mods in Destiny 2 are mods that have a greater influence on a weapon, but they alter every season. These Mods are normally restricted to a single weapon class. This can range from slowing down Champion enemies to obtaining additional destination materials.

Since there are no special Seasonal Mods for sniper rifles in The Season of the Worthy’s artifact, the easiest ones to equip are the Base Mods. Mods are very flexible in all material and they can be switched out depending on the kind of task players are performing.

Boss Spec and Counter Balance Stock are two of the best mods for PvE material. Counter Balance Stock decreases recoil variance for a sniper, helping to recenter a player’s target faster. Boss Spec helps inflict between 5-8 percent more damage per shot against a boss or vehicle.

Targeting Adjuster and Icarus Grip are two of the best mods for PvP materials. Targeting Adjuster is good for taking down very mobile Guardians since it adds a significant increase to a player’s assist stat. Icarus Grip increases weapon stability while in the air, allowing players to jump and snipe opponents in one go.


Perks are built-in features of a firearm that alter its functionality in minor ways. Perks are earned as players win a weapon and become permanent once they get it. Players will get new bonuses with the same weapon if they win it again.

Snapshot Sights and Outlaw are two of the best Perks for sniper rifles. Outlaw is perfect for sniping because it massively raises reload time after head-shot kills. Snapshot Sights boosts shooting down sights speed, while Outlaw is great for sniping because it boosts reload speed after head-shot kills. Sniping relies heavily on headshots, and these mods can make aiming for enemies’ heads much easier, as well as rewarding players for it.

Here are the best sniper rifles in the game in no particular order:

Long Shadow


Long Shadow is a deadly PvE Sniper Rifle that can be obtained by strikes and Vanguard kits. Field Prep and Triple Tap turn this otherwise unremarkable weapon into a powerful boss DPS weapon. This firearm would have a seven-round magazine with a Backup Mag Mod and either Appendid or Extended Magazine, allowing Triple Tap to trigger three times with each magazine.

This weapon is one of the most powerful PvE weapons in the game since it can fire ten shots at a target before reloading. When it comes to PvP, the perk range is lacking when opposed to other top-tier options currently available.



Cloudstrike’s base stats are outstanding, resulting in a smooth, strong, and accurate sniper rifle. Its innate Stormbringer perk and Mortal Polarity Intrinsic trait transform it into an AOE powerhouse from an outstanding precision tool. To make a lightning strike, land a precise final blow. Continue to make precise shots to create a lethal arc-infused lightning storm.

This sniper is one of the better weapons to drop with Beyond Light, and it takes full advantage of the meta update’s targeting buff. It takes some time to get, but the effort is well worth it. It’s by far the best Exotic sniper rifle in Destiny 2.



In Destiny 2, the IKELOS SR V1.0.2 is one of the finest Rapid-Fire Frame Sniper Rifles. It has the highest perk range in the archetype, as well as a very high target assist. Seraph Rounds are this weapon’s one-of-a-kind magazine trait, giving it a flat range that exceeds that of Accurized Rounds.

This can be combined with Moving Target and Quickdraw to create a Beloved weapon variant that fires quickly. In PvP, players can substitute High-Impact Reserves for Quickdraw to allow this weapon two-tap Guardians to the body. In PvE, due to the perk combination of Fourth Times the Charm and High-Impact Reserves, this weapon can both produce Warmind Cells and deal significant damage from afar.



Adored is no exception to the great weapons carried in from Outside Light. It’s a straightforward substitute for Beloved, but it’s not quite as solid, but it makes up for it with outstanding handling and a large perk pool.

With Killing Wind and the Vorpal pistol, users will be a shut-down machine that can get in, knock out enemies, and then get a boost on the way out. Players will occasionally run out of ammunition if they move to Triple Tap for PvE. And, fortunately, it’s simple to land several rolls and get options for all game modes after players have completed the initial questline.



The Supremacy is a fast-firing Kinetic Sniper that can deal a lot of harm in a limited amount of time, making it a fan favorite from the first game.

It’s an excellent PvP weapon, capable of simultaneously rolling Snapshot Sights and Kill Clip. Supremacy is one of the most forgiving and easy-to-use Sniper Rifles in the game, due to its high target assist and low zoom values. Unlike Frozen Orbit, this game does not allow players to be one-tapped to the body.

What it can do, though, is combine Triple Tap with Extended Mags to shoot an insane number of bullets that only the IKELOS sniper can match. It’s a little difficult to come by since it’s just a random drop from the Last Wish Raid, but it has a tiny perk pool. It shouldn’t be too difficult to get a good roll for this weapon.



This sniper is one of the best Pinnacle weapons in the game, with the rare ability to get bullets back into the weapon’s magazine when a player miss. It’s also one of the few snipers with no magnification, and it pairs well with Snapshot Sights for fast gunplay.

Just keep in mind that players can’t have it right now, because it has a small infusion cap before it’s reintroduced into the loot pool. However, once it’s available, Master Work it and try some Crucible mode that does not depend on light level for a fun and furious experience.

Izanagi’s Burden


This Exotic weapon was once a prize for finishing an Exotic Quest in the Black Armoury, but it has now become a legacy weapon. However, thanks to the harm unleashed by a bullet bonus that absorbs ammunition reserves to maximize effects, it’s still nice. A firearm with a four-bullet clip will do the same harm as one with a six- or seven-bullet clip.

It lacks additional benefits, and the snipers it spawned have largely overshadowed it. However, it remains a timeless, versatile choice that keeps things straightforward.

Far Future


For PvP mains in Destiny 2, the Far Future Sniper Rifle is a must-have. This is much as Beloved as she returned from Season of Opulence. It has just five more zooms and a marginally lower target assist than Beloved, but the same range of perks and figures.

This weapon supports Quickdraw and Opening Shot, making it one of the fastest Sniper Rifles around. At medium to long ranges, the 45 zoom rating makes this pistol relatively easy to snipe with. If you want to match Beloved’s insane ADS pace, go for a roll with Fluted Barrel and Masterwork handling. Far Future is actually one of the best PvP Sniper Rifles available in Destiny 2.

This arm should not be overlooked by PvE players. It’s compatible with Surplus and Frenzy, allowing Far Future to refill in a flash. Frenzy’s 20% damage boost is also useful during boss battles. Although it will not outperform other PvE Sniper Rifles, it is shockingly viable.



This Aggressive Frame sniper was designed to lay down damage from a long distance. The only disadvantage is the limited clip size, which can be overcome by rolling for Reconstruction and Vorpal Weapon perk. This gives you six bullets instead of three, and when combined with passive reload, it’s a lethal tool for dealing with tough opponents.

Instead, Crucible fans can aim for Killing Wind and Snapshot Sights to boost their ability to take down enemies while moving. Simply prepare to face the Raid several times in order to find the right position.

Frozen Orbit


When Tatara Gaze had Kill Clip active, it was notorious for one-tapping Guardians to the body. Frozen Orbit is similar to Tatara Gaze, but it isn’t currently sunset.

Every shot from this Aggressive Frame Sniper Rifle deals an insane amount of harm. This arm can one-shot Guardians thanks to a 20% damage boost. This is made trivially simple by Kill Clip, a perk that goes well with Moving Target or Killing Wind. PvE players can use Triple Tap in conjunction with either Vorpal Weapon or High-Impact Reserves to do massive boss damage. For a chance to get this sword, farm the Crucible.

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