Apex Legends Guide: How To Start The Party In Mirage Voyage

During The Game Awards 2019, one of Apex Legends’ characters delivered Respawn’s announcement.

Mirage announced Apex’s holiday-themed event from his cruise, the Mirage Voyage. The Holo-Day Bash added 24 cosmetics, including skins and pistol jewels, as well as the Winter Express limited-time mode to World’s Edge. Pathfinder’s latest heirloom, a pair of boxing gloves, will be awarded to players who win them both.


The Mirage Town Takeover, which was mocked by data miners shortly before the Holo-Day Bash, is also part of the case. Players will board the Mirage Voyage in World’s Edge and have a blast with the holographic trickster and his army of decoys (including an impression of Jack and Rose from Titanic).

Mirage’s Christmas skin transforms him into the Nutcracker. The G7 Scout’s visual is based on the iconic ballet’s Marching Orders. To obtain it, players must first embark on the Mirage Voyage with their band.

Here’s how to do it:

On the map, the Mirage Voyage is anchored near Lava Fissure. Keep an eye out for the following visual cues from the ship: It fires a nearly continuous line of fireworks that can be seen from a long distance.


On the top of the ship, across from the respawn beacon, is a panel for starting the band. The game’s not-so-subtle way of confirming the challenge is to summon a handful of Mirage decoys and blow air horns when you press it.

According to early sources, the button can be pressed several times during a play, but it takes some time to reset. The challenge should be completed after the group is enabled, and players should receive the G7 Scout skin.

The Mirage Voyage is a hot drop thanks to the allure of a group and a free tan. If you’re jumping into the ship, be on the lookout for other players falling in the same place and attempting to wreck your squad, and if you’re walking there, be on the lookout for possible ambushes.

Christian Allen Tandoc
Christian Allen Tandoc
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