Destiny 2 reveals Shadebinder, Revenant, and Behemoth Stasis Classes For Beyond Light

The core of all these subclasses is a new “freeze” and “shatter” mechanic which we saw a glimpse of in past trailers but are now on full display here. It looks like certain moves in your toolkit can freeze enemies solid and then you are able to shatter them using follow-up abilities, or just regular gunfire. It seems like freezing enemies will not necessarily insta-kill miniboss size enemies, but I’d be surprised if you do not have increased damage to frozen enemies.

Here are the details on the new subclasses:

Warlock: Shadebinder has a Stasis staff that can shoot out frozen projectiles.

Hunter: Revenant wields duel ice axes as melee weapons that can also be thrown. they also have special ricocheting Stasis throwing stars.

Titan: Behemoth appears to have a Superman Titan style ice punch smash move from above, and the ability to raise glaciers from the ground. Ice armor works as some sort of damage protection as well.

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