Destiny 2 Will Be Making Some Exciting Changes to Missions

Destiny 2 fans have been blessed with teasers and news lately, with the new Europa trailer filling players with excitement as well as the upcoming Festival of the Lost getting nearer and nearer.

Now, Bungie has once again released another This Week at Bungie blog, revealing a bunch of new exciting features that will be included in the game very soon. For one thing, a lot of the fans are already discussing and looking forward to the rumored horror-themed armor that will be a part of the Festival of the Lost event.

Not only that, but fans have been trying to pick apart new information about the highly-anticipated Beyond Light as well, driving fans to theorize and analyze all the possibilities that the expansion has to offer.

Now, in their latest blog post, Bungie is hyping up players to visit the frozen planet called Europa and take part in the many new gameplay activities available there.


To help you prepare for your Europa visit, Bungie has revealed the planet’s full map for players to peruse. As you can see in the trailer and screenshots, Europa is an extremely cold and icy planet, which adds a whole new challenge for players to face.

Asides from listing down the new content being added to Destiny 2, Engineering Director David Aldridge also discusses some of the behind-the-scenes technical changes done to the missions.

Aldridge mentions that Bungie simply didn’t expect that Destiny 2 would grow back again when it was launched. Also, the fact that they decided to not work on Destiny 3 meant that a lot of the tech investments are going to be used to make Destiny 2 even more sustainable.

One thing that’s worth noting is the fact that the mission scripting model in Beyond Light will be experiencing a shift from the Mission Host to the Physics Host. Doing so will provide the designers with the ability to come up with better and more unique mission mechanics.

As a result of this shift, Bungie warns players that Destiny 2 might have more bugs.


One new feature that this shift will bring to the table is face-to-face join. This feature allows players to be on a Fireteam with Tower friends while avoiding long reload times. You can also expect more Community emblems in Beyond Light like Fashion and Movie of the Week.

We’re all crossing our fingers that by deciding to make some changes to the way mission scripting works, Destiny 2’s missions will be much smoother and won’t let players waste time waiting. Having a few more bugs added to the game, for now, is a small price to pay.

That being said, Bungie encourages the players to report any bugs they may have encountered in the game, as this will help the developers create patches and fixes that much faster.

November is a big and exciting month for the gaming community because Beyond Light will be released on November 10 for PC, PS4, Stadia, Xbox One, and Xbox Series X, and November 12 for the PS5.

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