Kirby Fighters 2 Now Released Exclusively on Nintendo Switch

After an unexpected leak, Kirby Fighters 2 was sneakily released on the Nintendo Switch eStore and it’s already available to play right now for $19.99. The brawler title has Kirby battling it out against other Kirbys in what can simply be described as a Kirby battle royale.

Inquisitive fans initially discovered the game yesterday due to a very strange glitch on the Play Nintendo website. News and reports of the leak quickly spread like wildfire after fans were able to gain access to the unannounced title.

As a result, it appears that these events forced Nintendo to make a move, which is why we can now see that Kirby Fighters 2 has been officially released in the eStore along with a gameplay trailer.

To put it simply, Kirby Fighters 2 seems to be a game comparable to Super Smash Bros., except you’ll find no other Smash Bros. character except Kirby. If you didn’t know, this title is actually a sequel to Kirby: Triple Deluxe, which is a 3DS minigame.

Kirby Fighters 2 lets you play with four players – at most – on a 2D stage that has platforms. The players have the option to choose between Kirby, 17 different copy abilities, or select other characters from the series such as Meta Knight and Magolor.

In order to play the game with your pals, all you need are Joy-Cons and one Nintendo Switch console. You will be able to engage in 4-player battles using the Joy-Cons, although it’s also possible to play with others via online battles or local multiplayer.

The game’s trailer is fun and vibrant, showcasing 17 different forms of Kirby such as Archer and Hammer. It even features Kirby’s new form, “Wrestler.” What’s interesting, though, is the fact that characters such as Meta Knight and King Dedede are able to make use of their abilities from the Super Smash Bros. series.



That being said, the characters aren’t the only things worth being excited about in Kirby Fighters 2. The game also offers all kinds of items and stages that players will definitely enjoy.

The trailer actually makes an effort to put a spotlight on some of the unique items you’ll find in the game, such as the Buddy Shooting Star. It’s worth noting that these unique items are only obtainable in Team Battle Mode because apparently, they won’t activate until you and your teammate each hold up half of the item.

Once you and your teammate get to do this successfully though, it will trigger a very powerful attack.

Nintendo releasing Kirby Fighters 2 out of nowhere has really surprised all of us. Even though the title was leaked yesterday and rumors were spreading fast, we didn’t expect that Nintendo would give up that easily and just release the game. Although it’s possible that this was a part of their plan all along.

Kirby Fighters 2 may not be as extensive as Super Smash Bros., but it’s a title that’s definitely worth checking out anyway. After all, the gameplay looks similar enough and who wouldn’t want to play with and/or against adorable Kirbys?

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