Latest Marvel’s Avengers Patch Improves Captain America

Since its launch, Marvel’s Avengers has continuously released patch after patch, fixing a few bugs and polishing the game overall in preparation for its first Operation content update.

Before they release Hawkeye to the game, the developers want to make sure that everything else, including the current playable characters, are running the way they’re supposed to.

In line with that, Crystal Dynamics has released another patch recently that players will surely appreciate as it has made a major change to Captain America.

For quite some time now, a high amount of players have been asking the developers for this one change and they really came through. Captain America, using his heavy attack, can now finally destroy breakable walls just like Hulk and Ms. Marvel.


Before this update went live, Captain America could only destroy the walls and take the rewards you can find within if he had a party member who had that ability. That being said, this change doesn’t really do anything useful in terms of balance.

Captain America may now be able to gather more loot and resources than before – and this can truly help him progress in the game – but just because he can now break walls and smash through doors doesn’t make him naturally strong.

However, this change brings with it the possibility that more fans will play Captain America’s character since he now has more utility.

Captain America isn’t the one who has been given improvements in Marvel’s Avengers’ 1.3.1 patch, though. One bug that was fixed in this patch was the one that stopped players from taking Faction Missions and Villain Sectors. As you know, these play a huge part in the endgame.

Since it’s impossible to go back in time and somehow give the players access, Crystal Dynamics decided that the next best thing they could possibly do was give out free rewards to players.


If you log into Marvel’s Avengers between now and Thursday, October 1 at 10:00 a.m. PT, you will be able to receive 250 Polychoron and 500 Uru free of charge.

Another thing that players have been frustrated about since the title was launched had to do with the game’s ranged homing attacks and projectiles. Fortunately, patch 1.3.1 has given significant nerfs to these, so fans will surely appreciate this change.

In addition to that, buffs were given to Thor’s light air hammer attacks as well as Iron Man’s thruster uppercut. Among other changes in the patch, you’ll also find various bug fixes and gear balance changes to provide you with a better gameplay experience.

It’s also worth noting that Marvel’s Avengers’ post-launch DLC is scheduled to be released soon. Very soon – this October, to be exact – players will be able to meet Kate Bishop a.k.a Hawkeye in Operation: Taking AIM.

On a later date, Clint Barton, who is the Hawkeye that many are more familiar with, will follow suit as he will also have his own DLC scheduled to drop this November.

Other DLC content will follow after that, as it seems that Crystal Dynamics has a lot of things planned for the future of Marvel’s Avengers.

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