From Blizzard Entertainment, “Diablo IV,” which just launched last June 5th, is an action role-playing game where players can create a character from one of the five playable classes – namely, Barbarian, Necromancer, Druid, Sorcerer, or Rogue – and utilize their skills to accomplish quests through combat. 

Aside from the main story, there are various other things players can do in the game, such as completing a wide array of side quests, testing your might in PvP, taking part in world events, delving into different dungeons, and so much more. 

But beyond those, one of the attributes of the game that players are looking forward to is the Season 1 Battle Pass. The “Diablo IV” Battle Pass is a way for these players to unlock Cosmetic Items, as well as other rewards, throughout the gameplay. This Battle Pass also features Free Cosmetics, Smoldering Ashes, and Premium Cosmetics that can be unlocked by completing Reward Tiers, not to mention 90 tiers full of various Cosmetics Items, Emotes, Mounts, and more. 

The game introduced this Battle Pass only recently, particularly last July 20th, but playing with it, it seems that gamers are not quite happy about how things are turning out to be. 

Disappointed, disheartened

The Season 1 Battle Pass for this game features both free and premium options players can choose from, but some players are not too delighted about it. For instance, if they want to buy the Premium Pass, it does not produce enough Platinums, the in-game currency, so that they can buy the next Battle Pass. 

Paying more for additional content does justice if it yields players sufficient profit. However, in the case of “Diablo IV,” this is not what happens among Battle Pass owners. 

From the 90 unlockable tiers of the Battle Pass, 27 are available for free, and the rest are for Premium owners. The Premium Pass costs 1,000 Platinum, around $10 in the real world. Furthermore, usually, Battle Pass in games is designed in a way that gives players a full refund after they complete the progression. 

However, this first-ever Battle Pass of the game does not seem to adhere to that trend. There is a refund, though. After completing the Pass, players are refunded 666 Platinum, but that also means they would have to pay an extra $5 for 500 Platinum as their buy the next Pass. 

Refund not enough for buying outfits, too

Aside from those points, the refunded amount is also insufficient to buy outfits. Typical outfits in the game start at 800 Platinum and could go up to 2,800 Platinum. Therefore, players need to pay supplementary money even if they have already bought the title at $70. 

In addition, while the Battle Pass also provides other content such as Weapon Transmogs, Armor Set, and Emotes, among others, receiving a fraction of the refund would have been acceptable. But, some players are not happy with the Cosmetics, too. 

These players say the Premium Battle Pass outfit does not look good. They are also saying that while the design of the house mounts is pleasing and they appreciate the progression system, the appearance of Necro pants armor, which looks the same as the already existing items, is not satisfactory. 

“I really hope there’s more because it’s kinda disappointing,” one player argued. 

Have you tried the “Diablo IV” Season 1 Battle Pass? What do you think about it? 

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