Disco Elysium: The Final Cut Developer Assures Fans of March Release

Developer ZA/UM revealed Disco Elysium: The Final Cut during The Game Awards 2020, which is basically an extended version of the initial Disco Elysium game. Not only was it revealed to be a free addition, it was also announced that this version will come with a director’s cut.

Naturally, fans of Disco Elysium were thrilled by this news. However, developer ZA/UM hasn’t shared any updates about it recently, which has made excited fans worried that its release would be pushed back. Fortunately, the developer was quick to reassure fans by confirming that Disco Elysium: The Final Cut will still be launching this March 2021.

Apparently, The Final Cut was supposed to be the version of Disco Elysium that ZA/UM wanted to release from the start. Even though the studio’s plans deviated from what they initially wanted to do, Disco Elysium still became a massive hit when it launched back in 2019.

For a little context, Disco Elysium isn’t like your regular RPG, where you have to fight battles and/or defeat powerful bosses. Instead, it’s more of a murder mystery with political intrigue, where you take control of an amnesiac detective. Narrative plays such a significant role in Disco Elysium, which isn’t surprising, seeing as the founder of ZA/UM is a published fiction novelist.


It was still a huge hit despite being an incredibly unique take on the RPG genre, so much so that it was able to win numerous awards and even bagged the coveted Game of the Year award by various publications. With Disco Elysium: The Final Cut, this extended version will simply expand upon the different aspects of what makes the original release a great title.

Namely, it will give you more freedom than ever before to explore the characters, cutscenes, and even the new storylines. Not only that, The Final Cut will have full voice acting from start to end, which makes it up to 1.2 million words. No wonder why both old and new fans are extremely excited about its release.

That being said, developer ZA/UM has been disconcertingly silent about Disco Elysium: The Final Cut, which has naturally made the fanbase worry. Some have even begun to speculate that the game would be delayed like so many other titles these days. Fortunately, a developer from ZA/UM posted a message on Disco Elysium’s Discord server, stating that “the game is releasing in March for sure.”

The developer, who goes by the name “Mikk” on the server, further explained that it’s not that easy for the new features to “sync and cooperate” with the old game, and that they want all the players to receive “the same coherent experience we’ve designed.”

Update by the devs! from DiscoElysium

Even though ZA/UM hasn’t announced a specific release date just yet, fans can rest assured that Disco Elysium: The Final Cut will be released some time within the month. We’re still a few days into March, so there’s still a lot of time. There’s a chance that the developer will launch it as a surprise, seeing as it’s not only popular but highly anticipated too. In any case, keep your eyes peeled.

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