Dishonored Creator May Be Working On New Fantasy Game

Given the fact that Deathloop is expected to launch this year, Arkane Studios has been hard at work trying to make sure that its upcoming unique title will work seamlessly on the new PlayStation 5. However, according to recent findings, it appears that the studio may already be starting on its next project. Apparently, Harvey Smith, co-creator of the highly acclaimed Dishonored series, admitted that he has been working on a different game and not on Deathloop.

That being said, something that Twitter user Timur222 noticed on LinkedIn may give us an idea of what the new title’s genre may be. Arkane Studios’ Senior VFX Artist Lisa Charriere lists down an unannounced “fantasy” game on her LinkedIn profile, which is supposed to be created in the Unreal 4 Engine.

If the artist’s profile is referencing the most recent project that Arkane Studios is working on, then it would definitely make sense for the studio, especially since Arkane was hiring for an unknown Unreal Engine 4 project back in September 2020.

If we base on Arkane Studios’ previous works, such as Dishonored and Prey, it’s safe to say that it has a knack for creating video games that not only have incredibly expansive settings, but with deep, immersive lore as well.

As such, creating a fantasy game is the best type of genre to work on if Arkane Studios wants to stretch its world-building capabilities to its full capacity. Besides, this particular team has always proved itself capable of tackling popular genres while incorporating its distinct style.

Working on a brand-new IP under a new genre also coincides with what Dinga Bakaba, creative director of Deathloop, once said in an interview with IGN back in May 2020. Specifically, Bakaba said that Arkane is “not a studio of one game, and I don’t think we ever will be.”

While it’s understandable that many still hooked on the Prey or Dishonored series would want a sequel or perhaps even some kind of spin-off set in those games’ respective worlds, Arkane previously confirmed that it will only dig up those titles if the team finds that there’s a story it wants to tell.


For now though, Bakaba states that the story of the Dishonored franchise has already concluded with Corvo Attono and Emily Kaldwin’s fight against Delilah. This confirmation came after the creative director refuted rumors saying that the Dishonored series was put on hold.

As a matter of fact, even the story of The Outsider has concluded thanks to The Death of the Outsider DLC that was released, which means that there’s really nothing left in Dishonored’s plot for Arkane Studios to expand on. That being said, not all hope is lost. While Bakaba firmly said that Arkane won’t be revisiting the Kaldwin storyline, his talk with IGN hinted that perhaps the studio could still return to the general Dishonored series in the future.

In other Arkane Studios news, Deathloop will be launching very soon in May 2021. Seeing as it’s a brand-new IP with intriguing gameplay mechanics highlighting time travel, many fans of the studio are already ready to jump in.

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