Developers Riot Games and Bungie Are Suing GatorCheats

Riot Games’ Valorant and Bungie’s Destiny 2 are two games that have fallen victim to rampant cheating since their release on the PC, and their respective developers have had to spend precious time and energy trying to deal with it.

Cheaters have only increased in number these days, which leaves honest players who just want to have clean fun at a terrible disadvantage. If this situation doesn’t get remedied, it will cause players to quit the game entirely and perhaps even badmouth the developers who worked hard on the game.

Thus, both Riot Games and Bungie decided to join forces and file a lawsuit against Cameron Santos’ company GatorCheats, which is probably the biggest cheat maker for the two developers’ games.


GatorCheats is a business that offers cheats and services for a variety of popular titles, and even its name itself attests to the purpose of the company. That being said, it appears that this isn’t Bungie’s first tango with GatorCheats, as the developer previously issued a cease and desist to the company. However, this didn’t seem to do anything since the cheat maker still continued to sell its products.

Now, both Riot Games and Bungie mean serious business. Through their lawsuit, the developers want reparation for the damages caused by GatorCheats. In order to do so, GatorCheats has to give them every bit of profit it was able to make through its cheating software.

It estimates that the cheat maker has been earning tens or hundreds of thousands of dollars at the expense of various video game developers. The lawsuit also wants a permanent injunction against not only GatorCheats, but on Cameron Santos as well. If this request is granted, this means that neither one would be able to continue selling or distributing cheats. Not only that, they wouldn’t be able to keep supporting the ones that are already available now.

The lawsuit doesn’t end there, though. It also requests that the court terminates all of GatorCheats’ cheating software throughout its platform.


Both Riot Games and Bungie have invested and spent a lot of dollars just to incorporate anti-cheat software into their games thanks to companies like GatorCheat, and the lawsuit didn’t forget to mention this fact. That being said, it would be a massive victory for not only Riot Games and Bungie but for countless other video game developers as well if they win this case against GatorCheats.

Of course, the shutdown of GatorCheats and its software won’t completely remove cheating from either one of the two titles, but it would have a big enough hit to the point where cheating in both Valorant and Destiny 2’s PvP would not be as prominent if not rare.

Numerous other studios are probably counting on this lawsuit as well, as Call of Duty’s publisher Activision has also had problems with GatorCheats in the past, too. The cheating situation in Call of Duty is pretty bad, which puts Activision on the same boat as Bungie and Riot.

In any case, Pokemon GO developer Niantic previously sued and won against the cheat supplier Global ++, so there’s a very big chance that Riot Games and Bungie will win this one, too.

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