Dontnod’s New Game ‘Twin Mirror’ Will Be Released in December

From the same developers as the highly-acclaimed Life is Strange franchise, Dontnod has released a trailer for their upcoming psychological thriller Twin Mirror. In Twin Mirror, you play as an investigative journalist named Sam Higgs, who returns to his hometown after his best friend dies.

From there, he starts to unravel the dark secrets of his hometown, all while grappling and trying to come to terms with his past trauma. It sounds pretty similar to Dontnod’s previous titles Life is Strange and Life is Strange 2, however, Twin Mirror abandons the episodic nature of those two games and will only be composed of one complete narrative.

Not only that, but Twin Mirror is also more realistic as it doesn’t have any supernatural elements like those two aforementioned titles.


The newly-released trailer gives us a sneak peek at how we can use Sam’s deductive skills and Mind Palace technique in order to investigate and solve crime scenes. Back in June, game director Florian Desforges talks about Sam’s Mind Palace to GamesRadar:


Another exciting fact about Twin Mirror is that it’s Dontnod’s first self-published title, although it’s co-published with Shibuya Entertainment.

When it gets launched, Twin Mirror will be a timed exclusive on the Epic Games Store, although a wider PC release will follow later.

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