Doom Eternal The Ancient Gods Part 1 Arrives To The Switch Today

The first DLC for DOOM Eternal is now available on the Nintendo Switch. DOOM Eternal: The Ancient Gods Part One was published on other platforms last year, but given that the Nintendo Switch edition came out considerably later than the main game, it’s no wonder that the post-launch DLC lags.

Remarkably, DOOM Eternal can run on Nintendo Switch, given how chaotic and beautiful the game looks on other platforms. However, panic Button, a port firm, stated that DOOM Eternal was its most difficult transfer to date and that it will only become more complex as the team continues to support the game with Bethesda’s DLC packs.


Part one of the Ancient Gods DLC is now available for the Nintendo Switch edition of DOOM Eternal. Both sections of this DLC are previously available on other platforms, but Nintendo Switch owners will be able to enjoy them for the first time.

The DLC was well-received when it first came out, so as long as it holds up to the Nintendo Switch’s performance, it should be a great new experience for the one-year-old game. The news was revealed at today’s Nintendo Direct, giving the classic shooter a fresh lease on life on the portable platform.

DOOM Eternal has been a great success so far, and that’s likely to continue if Bethesda continues to promote it across a variety of platforms. So it’s reasonable to assume that the third installment in this new soft-reboot of DOOM is also on the way, although Bethesda hasn’t announced anything yet. That said, there are many options after Eternal’s events, which dramatically extended the universe’s narrative and added a number of radical new aspects.

DOOM Eternal was a remarkable title in 2020, and the fact that it is still relevant today is amazing. Unfortunately, it’s unclear whether a third DOOM could run on Nintendo Switch, given how hard the last two have pushed it, although it might use the much-rumored Nintendo Switch Pro. However, DoomGuy is already rumored to be coming to Super Smash Bros Ultimate, so it’s not hard to envision Nintendo attempting to bring the next installment in the acclaimed series to its platform in some fashion.

Christian Allen Tandoc
Christian Allen Tandoc
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