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Backlinking indeed reaps benefits. Among these are additional traffic to the site and more importantly, increase in the site’s page rank, which is a vital consideration if one aims to be at the high ranks of search results. It is also for these benefits that a lot of blog or website owners look for helpful tips in backlinking.

Those that will give bloggers advise on effective ways of increasing the chance of getting the guest post request accepted are true, helpful. However, there are also blunders that bloggers have to stay away from. Here are the tips on how to do backlinking correctly, as well as the mistakes that have to be avoided, by all means.

Do’s in backlinking

Optimize the backlinks for search engines

With an unoptimized backlink, the best that it can give in terms of benefits is give additional traffic. Therefore, it is essential that backlinks be optimized in order to give the best results. One way of doing this is by including the primary keywords in the anchor text.

Ensure the relevance of the backlink in the content Blog hosts as well as search engines do not like backlinks that are not relevant and are forced in the article. Make sure that the link will lead to URLs that will provide helpful information that will help the reader understand the article better.

Use online tools to ensure the legitimacy and quality of the backlinks These days; there are a wide variety of online tools, paid for and free, that bloggers can use for their link building tasks. It is highly advisable to utilize these to ascertain not just the quality and efficiency of the backlinks but also, its legitimacy. Among these are SEO MOZ’s Open Site Explorer, Traffic Travis, Copyscape, Google Adwords keyword tool, etc.

Make the backlinks look natural

One effective way of doing this is to imagine how backlinks, especially those that are placed within the content, would look in natural circumstances and not created by link builders for the sole purpose of establishing links.

In natural circumstances these links will least likely look similar in every guest post, so, it is advisable to vary the anchor texts use. It is also likely that some bloggers or website owners will find content in the internal pages important. For this reason, it will also be advisable to backlink to the other pages of the website, aside from the home page.

Don’t’s in backlinking

Get backlinks whenever and wherever you have the chance Getting backlinks is certainly, not a matter of getting as many as one can while paying less attention to the quality of the article, link, and the blog or website. A guest poster can increase its blog, or website’s chance of achieving a higher PR by submitting high-quality guest posts in sites with page ranks higher than his or at least PR3, rather than aim at submitting several guest posts in several low ranking sites.

Create backlinks in flash sites

Although Google is said to be experiencing improvements in crawling its spiders at this type of sites, it would be best to avoid them, until this notion is confirmed. Going for automated or instantaneous techniques

Among these are submitting backlinks in ‘free for all’ sites where anyone can submit posts and have it published without being reviewed. Bloggers should also avoid sites that are always willing to accept as many guest posts as they can without ascertaining the quality of the post. These sites mentioned may be unscrupulous or spammy, which could drag down the blog owner’s site by linking to it.

Final Words 

If bloggers are not mindful of the don’t’s in backlinking, all the hard work can certainly go against them. To ensure that the backlinks serve their best purpose, it is advisable to know the right things to do in backlinking, as well as the blunders to avoid.