Epic Games Reveals Fortnite Improvements Coming to the Next-Gen Consoles

Next-gen Fortnite players can anticipate numerous enhancements and bonuses when they load up the game on their brand new PlayStation 5 or Xbox Series X/S.

Developer Epic Games has revealed how the next-gen edition of Fortnite will be ready for download once players have set up their new consoles, guaranteeing that the game builds on the PlayStation 5 and Xbox Series X/S are not “simply tweaked current-gen builds”. Rather, players will experience an edition of Fortnite that has been developed particularly to utilize the true power of the next-gen machines.

Fortnite players will be able to easily jump back and continue their progress on the next-gen console editions of the game, with the development team noting how it is also a “great time to jump in” for those interested in playing Fortnite for the first time, even if it’s just to glimpse at Joe Biden’s custom made map.

Epic Games promises that players can experience the famous battle royale game with 60FPS at 4K resolution on the Xbox Series X. It also confirmed to have a more interactive and dynamic world, which will feature on Microsoft’s next-gen consoles. This means players can witness trees responding to explosions, improved fluid simulations for water and smoke, and new cloud and storm effects inside the game.

Xbox Series S owners will also be benefited from next-gen upgrades as the game will be run at 1080P at 60FPS and will be able to support most of the graphics improvements made available on the Xbox Series X. In addition, Fortnite players will be able to join in matches faster because of faster loading performance and even an improved split-screen mode, which also supports up to 60 FPS.

Meanwhile, Fortnite on the PlayStation 5 will be available for Sony fans in the United States beginning November 12. Much like the Xbox Series X/S upgrades, PlayStation 5 owners will be able to enjoy the game running 60 FPS at 4K resolution.

PlayStation 5 owners will also be enjoying the same Dynamic Physics and Visuals in the game, quicker loading times, and the same improved split-screen mode available on Microsoft’s next-gen consoles.

However, there are a few PlayStation 5 exclusive upgrades integrated into its DualSense Controller. Its new Haptic Feedback feature lets players feel like they are really holding a suppressed SMG or an Arctic .50 Sniper Rifle, with the developers adding how, along with general vibration support, it has incorporated haptic trigger feedback for a few ranged weapons.

In addition, PlayStation Fortnite players can hastily load up their favorite modes directly from the Home Screen of the new console, giving them the ability to quickly access the battle royale lobby with either Squads, Duos, or Solo selected.


Christian Allen Tandoc
Christian Allen Tandoc
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