Everything You Need To Know About Valorant New Character Chamber

The Agents of Valorant have some of Riot Games’ most stylish and distinct designs and reveal videos for new Agents have traditionally exploited this as an opportunity to explore creative symbolism. Valorant has put together a visual and audio spectacular that gives gamers a few hints at his toolbox as the new Sentinel Agent Chamber approaches.

According to the trailer’s description, Chamber—previously called Deadeye by fans—will appear as part of Reflection: Act III. This isn’t the first time Valorant has introduced a new character during a special event or story expansion, and while it’s tough to determine what role Chamber will play in the game’s plot, the video appears to offer some hints.

Despite the fact that Chamber is unquestionably the center of the clip, it opens with existing Agent Brimstone seemingly caught in a brilliant pink prism hung in a swirling abyss. A dark person approaches his jail and replies, “Avec Plaisir,” which translates to “with pleasure” in French, while Brimstone’s voice commands that whoever is in here with him “start talking.”


Chamber’s trendy design, which mixes aspects of high fashion and sci-fi with the classic waistcoat style of a European gentleman, as well as a range of glittering golden firearms floating in a pattern, is showcased in the following photos.

The rest of the trailer is mostly focused to visual graphics, including some of Riot Games’ great sound design and hints at Chamber’s toolkit. Chamber picks up a gun and shoots a shot into Brimstone’s cell, freeing him.

Chamber is believed to be entrusted with defending and delaying the enemy team as one of Valorant’s Sentinel Agents. He appears to slow time to avoid gunfire, throw a luminous card and then teleport to its place later in the trailer, and open a card-shaped door in reality.

All of this suggests that Chamber’s toolset will include a high level of mobility as well as some sort of teleportation mechanism. He is also shown wielding blazing weaponry or appearing and disappearing in a jet of flame in several shots.

Chamber appears in numerous locations throughout the video, tying up with the duality motif introduced in Episode 3: Reflection. Unlike some of the other Valorous Agents featured at the event, Chamber does not face his twin. In fact, the two are shown looking at each other and communicating without saying anything, and they appear to be on good terms. This could imply that Chamber’s toolbox is based on the notion of duality.

Christian Allen Tandoc
Christian Allen Tandoc
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