Fastest Cars Available in GTA V

For a long time, Grand Theft Auto Online has become one of the most popular games, and its online audience is still growing. Cars are all in GTA Online. Plays must know which cars are the fastest in order to win a sprint or cruise around Los Santos.

Although some of these vehicles have some of the highest top speeds in the game, not every player would successfully use them. Every car has unique acceleration, braking, and handling stat that players must become familiar with in order to maximize their performance. Some cars have slower speeds but decent handling, making them obvious novice options, whilst others are quick but difficult to drive. This guide will go into the fastest cars in Grand Theft Auto Online.

Ocelot Pariah


In real life, the Ocelot Pariah is inspired by the Ferrari 812 Superfast and Aston Martin V12 Zagato. Legendary Motorsport has it for sale, but it’s very expensive. The car has good acceleration and handling, but its other stats aren’t as impressive as those of the other cars on the list.

Pfister 811


The Pfister 811 is inspired by the Porsche 918 Hypercar. Legendary Motorsport, like the majority of the cars on this list, sells it. Along with its excellent handling, the car has one of the fastest accelerations in the game. It’s a fine all-around vehicle.

Principe Deveste Eight


The Deveste Eight is built on a Devel Sixteen and is available from Legendary Motorsport. The Principe Devest Eight has the fastest acceleration on the list, as well as excellent handling.

Bravado Banshee 900R


The Bravado Banshee 900R was inspired by the Hennessey Viper Venom 1000 and the Maxda RX-7. The first car on the list is available from Benny’s Original Motor Works rather than Legendary Motorsport. It has a decent top pace, but the rest of its statistics are lacking. It has better acceleration and braking as opposed to the other cars on this list, but its handling is lacking.

Overflod Entity XXR


The Entity XXR is built on the Koenigsegg One:1 and can be bought for a very high price from Legendary Motorsport. Though its peak speed is a little short, its overall stats are extremely impressive. It has the greatest handling and acceleration of any vehicle on this list.

Grotti Itali GTO


The Itali GTO is based on a Ferrari 812 Superfast and can be bought from Legendary Motorsports. The Grotti Itali GTO has the highest acceleration on this list, as well as excellent braking and pace.

Pegassi Toros


The Toros are based on a Lamborghini Urus and are available for purchase from Legendary Motorsports. The Pegassi Toros is the only SUV on this list, and it is incredibly fast. While this SUV has a fast top speed, it lacks the performance of supercars and sportscars. The Toros, as expected of an SUV, has slow braking and handling as compared to the other cars on this list, but it is a top-tier SUV.

Grotti X80 Proto


The X80 Proto’s architecture is based on a Ferrari F80 concept, and it, like almost anything else, is available from Legendary Motorsport. The Grotti X80 Proto has great all-around stats, but it isn’t powerful in any one region. The car’s speed, acceleration, braking, and handling are all excellent. Anyone who owns a Proto would appreciate it.

Benefactor Krieger


A Mercedes-AMG One inspires the Benefactor Krieger’s style. It is the most expensive car on the list, and Legendary Motorsport will sell it to you. The Benefactor Krieger, one of the best supercars in GTA Online, has incredible handling to go along with its fantastic height, high acceleration, and better-than-average braking.

Progen Emerus


The Progen Emerus is based on a McLaren Senna concept. Legendary Motorsport is selling the car, which is the second most expensive on the list. Surprisingly, the car with the slowest top speed on the chart has the highest overall performance. It has the best stopping and handling stats of all these drivers, making it very easy to drive for most teams.

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