BioWare Confirms Dragon Age 4’s Setting

Fans have been looking forward to Dragon Age 4 ever since its initial announcement, but developer BioWare has remained incredibly secretive when it comes to this upcoming RPG. Fans have been living off of the information gleaned from teasers released so far, but there’s not a lot of that to begin with either.

For one thing, fans were able to confirm a couple of returning characters and barely anything else—although recently, fans now know where Dragon Age 4 will be set. The book entitled BioWare: Stories and Secrets from 25 Years of Game Development was released recently, and the pages of this book confirmed that the upcoming action-RPG will take place in Tevinter.

In actuality, fans have been speculating the game’s location for quite some time now, and many assumed that it would be Tevinter. So while this revelation isn’t at all surprising for some, it serves as the first official confirmation from BioWare.


Eurogamer’s Tom Phillips was the one who noticed this important piece of information, and he also stated that the book confirmed more than just Dragon Age 4’s setting. More specifically, the book also features a couple of Dragon Age 4 art, which seems to imply that players will be able to explore areas outside of Tevinter as well, such as Nevarra and Antiva City.

There are other possible areas that the book has revealed as well, including The Deep Roads, which is a wide dwarven tunnel system. Previous games in the Dragon Age franchise also featured this expansive tunnel system, so it’s not at all surprising if it would return in Dragon Age 4.

Last but not least, the book also contains art of the Lords of Fortune. The Lords of Fortune are located in Rivain, which makes fans wonder if this area will also be in the upcoming title as well. Although, it’s worth noting that as of this writing, BioWare has only confirmed Tevinter and everything else is just speculation at this point.

As mentioned, Dragon Age 4’s teasers, trailers, and concept art confirmed who the returning characters will be. Some of these characters include Dorian, Varric, Solas the Dread Wolf, and Isabella. Although, the roles they will be playing and how important they will be in Dragon Age 4 have yet to be confirmed.


On the bright side, the closer we get to the game’s release date, the more information BioWare will reveal. On the downside, no one really knows when Dragon Age 4 will be released. At this point, BioWare has revealed so little about the upcoming title that it may still be years before it hits store shelves.

In any case, many fans expected Dragon Age 4 to take place in Tevinter because Dragon Age: Inquisition’s Trespasser DLC heavily teased this fact. Spoilers ahead for those who haven’t started or finished the DLC yet, but it basically concludes with the Inquisitor marking Tevinter Imperium on a map using a dagger. As such, it made sense that fans who finished the DLC and watched this end scene would assume that the next game in the franchise would be set in Tevinter.

While many fans weren’t mind-blown by this information, it was still nice to have an official confirmation after years of speculation. We don’t know when BioWare will reveal more details about Dragon Age 4, but we can’t wait for the next piece of information.

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