Square Enix Reveal Final Fantasy 16 ‘Basic Development’ Has Been Completed

Based on a job listing from Square Enix, it looks like Final Fantasy 16 is moving to the later stages of development. This may indicate that the launch of the game is closer than originally expected, with most fans initially anticipating a longer development period such as those of Kingdom Hearts 3 and Final Fantasy Remake.

Final Fantasy 16 was revealed during the PlayStation 5 Showcase held by Sony back in September as a PlayStation 5 console exclusive. This Final Fantasy game is particularly leaning into the “fantasy” side of the franchise, with a medieval-inspired setting that features knights in heavy armor and regular-looking swords.

Plot details are extremely scarce when it comes to Final Fantasy 16 but it seems like factions based on the primal gods will be a big part of the game. The supposed protagonist of the game is a sworn shield to the son of Archduke.

With knights in medieval armor, warring factions, and mythical monsters, the latest installment to the Final Fantasy series looks a lot more like Game of Thrones than the more recent and modern looking Final Fantasy games.

The newest addition in the franchise is set to be produced by Final Fantasy 14 director Naoki Yoshida, with fans hyped for the director’s involvement in returning some much-needed innovations to the franchise after Final Fantasy 15.

According to a job listing from Square Enix’s website, the developers “have already completed basic development and scenario production.” Though the job listing doesn’t exactly indicate what “basic development” means, it implies that the development team is still working on boss battles.

A report on the website states that several of the new positions would be working on broadening the developmental tools of the team as well, so it’s safe to conclude that there is still a lot of work to be done with the game. Additionally, the listing indicates that most of the developers are now working from their homes.

The quick turnaround from the launch of the trailer back in September to the finalization of Final Fantasy’s basic development falls in line with rumors that the game may be further into development than fans originally assumed.

Square Enix has reportedly been developing Final Fantasy 16 for over four years. This is an improvement for the studio which looks like it has learned from past issues that emanated from revealing Final Fantasy 15 too soon in development.

More details on the next Final Fantasy game is assumed to be launched in the last week of October with a teaser website. Aside from this, the second official update for the game is not scheduled until next year.

Fans of the franchise will need to be patient until then to hear about more details about Final Fantasy 16 beyond the teaser trailer they have already seen. Hopefully, these development milestones and job listings being accomplished will mean that the developers will begin releasing more details about Final Fantasy 16 soon.

Christian Allen Tandoc
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