In “Resident Evil 4” Remake, remade from the 2005 game of the same name, gamers play with the main character and US agent, Leon S. Kennedy, who must save the president’s daughter, Ashley Graham, from the mysterious Los Illuminados cult. Unlike the original, this remake features an updated plot, new characters, new visuals, and altered gameplay. Since its launch earlier this year, it has attracted more and more players worldwide.

This article will tackle how many chapters there are in the game to help those who just bought the game, and those who have been playing and want to know when each of the game’s sections ends, as well as when they should wrap up the side quests.

For everybody who wants to know how long this game is, this piece will also provide a list showing the distribution of the chapters. This shall help those looking for all the collectibles – such as blue medallions – needed to accomplish all the game’s achievements. Since players cannot return to each section after they are done playing with them, this article will also provide a summarized rundown of how the game splits the chapters throughout the main story. Read on. 

How Many Chapters Are There In ‘Resident Evil 4’ Remake?

“Resident Evil 4” Remake is a lot different from the original. Compared to the original, the remade game has chapters that are spread out much further. While the story still adheres to the same beats as the original game, extended sequences, and brand-new tweaks give room for the game to add more chapters. For instance, the boss fights and sequences in the “Resident Evil 4” remake are entirely changed – and a lot more fun, too. 

The “Resident Evil 4” remake comprises a total of 16 chapters. With more chapters than the original, there are more opportunities to save, for one. 

Meanwhile, here’s the distribution of the chapters side by side with where they take place:

  • Chapters 1 to 6 take place in the village.
  • Chapters 7 to 13 happen in the castle.
  • Chapters 14 to 16 occur on the island.

We’re not giving away spoilers – no, no, no. But if you have played the original game, you will have an idea of how the chapters in “Resident Evil 4” Remake play out. 

Launched last March 24th, “Resident Evil” 4 Remake is a survival horror game by Capcom. It is playable on PlayStation 4, PlayStation 5, Windows, and Xbox Series X/S. 

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