Brooms are a vital piece of equipment in witchcraft. You will usually see images of witches flying with brooms. Symbolically, brooms are used in witchcraft for protection or to represent a certain energy. But, since brooms are initially for daily household cleaning, this led to stories wherein witches believe their home reflects their bodies and emotional states. 

In one of the games inspired by witchcraft, “Hogwarts Legacy,” of course, brooms are part of the gameplay. You know that the “Harry Potter” novels and movies featured various kinds of broomsticks, such as the Nimbus 2000 or the Firebolt. And, being a game that takes the cue from “Harry Potter,” there are also several terrific and wicked brooms in “Hogwarts Legacy.” Here are some of the best. 

Some Of The Most Wicked Brooms In ‘Hogwarts Legacy’

1. Bright Spark

Many “Hogwarts Legacy” gamers would agree that Bright Spark is the best broom model in the game. Sure, you can get a taste of the bright stars by solving astronomy tables, but none is like this broom when getting you genuinely close to the night skies. 

Bright Spark features two glowing stars dangling from the top portion of its handle, making it illuminate the path before it and even leave a trail of golden stardust in its wake, perfect for astronomy buffs out there.

2. Ember Dash

Ember Dash is coming in second place, and with its characteristics, you will understand why. The feature that makes this broom among the best in the game is its blazing tail. Plus, it also has an appealing, sleek body that attracts several players. 

Plus, it is also easy to acquire this broom. Right as you are at the beginning of “Hogwarts Legacy,” you can get this broom from the Spintwitches store, costing 600 galleons. 

And that’s not all. This broom is the perfect choice for those who belong to the Gryffindor house, as fire is the house’s best element, making your house and this broom a fantastic combination.

3. Silver Arrow

Meanwhile, the Silver Arrow is a broomstick that transcends time, as it is not only featured in “Hogwarts Legacy,” a game that happens in the 19th-century Wizarding World, but it is also a broomstick used by Madam Hooch in the novel. 

Produced by legendary broom-maker Leonard Jewkes, the Silver Arrow had been the true forerunner of the racing broom. It could speed better than the Oakshaft 79 or the Moontrimmer, as it can run up to 70 miles per hour with a tailwind.

We are using all the past tenses and past participles as those characteristics did not last long. Jewkes eventually worked alone, and demand outstripped supply, so the Cleansweep series eventually replaced this broom. But, nonetheless, a great broomstick. 

4. Wild Fire

What a name, indeed. And this broomstick will prove that what it is called will stand for what it is. Though quite similar to Ember Dash, Wild Fire is taking its fiery intensity notches higher, making it one of the best choices in the game when it comes to brooms. 

As for its characteristics, instead of lightly smoldering, the bristles on this broomstick are ablaze, which you can see from the blue flames that occasionally peek out from in between. Plus, its twisted handle also stands out from above the rest, and adding an extra touch of magic is the glowing orb at its tip. You better see this broom for yourself.

5. Hogwarts House

Does it sound so classic? It really is. The most distinct feature of this Hogwarts House broom is that it appears accordingly to the house where it is part of. Its color also changes following the house it belongs to. For instance, if you belong to Slytherin, its color will be green. 

To purchase this, you need 600 galleons in your pocket. If you are a “Hogwarts Legacy” gamer who wishes to give tribute to your house before you land on the ground, this broom is a great choice.

6. Night Dancer 

That “Barbie” theme song would play in your head upon hearing about the name of this broom, wouldn’t it? Yes, the Night Dancer broom would also be one of the best choices you will make for your broomstick. 

Created during the 1800s, this broom features a tail banded in silver for not only speed but also style. Its slim and straight handle gives it a professional look and feel. 

Another amazing thing about this broom is that you can acquire it quickly. Receive this broom after you accomplish Tier I of the Balloon Challenges you can find on the world map.

7. Sky Scythe

Sky Scythe also stands out as one of the most wicked brooms in the game, mainly because of its eccentric style. 

It is characterized by forest green bristles streaked with black hues, unlike others with neutral-colored bristles. When it comes to its handle, it is covered in intricate detail, such as the silver and red grooves carved into this broom’s wood, its striking yellow seat, and its bowed tip.

Eye-catching? Yes. You’ll never know what experience you will get, so be sure to try this broom as you play the game.

More Amazing Brooms

The list of the most wicked brooms in “Hogwarts Legacy” does not end there. Take a look at more amazing brooms below. 

  • Moon Trimmer
  • Family Antique
  • Aeromancer
  • Wind Wisp
  • Lickety Swift
  • Yew Weaver

Vroom Vroom With Best Broom!

Broom flight is among the best things the Harry Potter universe has offered, and the experience gets no better than in the game inspired by the phenomenal series where players can traverse the “Hogwarts Legacy” map riding their broomsticks. PVP Live hopes that the list above helped you narrow your choices when you need just the best brooms. Fly, our dear wizard!

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