Former Blizzard Developer Launches His Own Tabletop Game Company

Despite the government’s orders to implement social distancing, tabletop games have been rising in popularity. As a matter of fact, you could even say that this form of gaming has become even more prevalent, as you can see in the way Steam’s Tabletop Game Fest was such a success.

One possible factor as to why this is the case is the social distancing aspect itself. Because players aren’t allowed to go out and meet up with their usual gang to play tabletop RPGs, it’s more convenient to just go online and play a tabletop game virtually instead.

Plus, setting up a game is easier to do virtually than physically. That being said, it appears that this newfound craze for this genre of gaming has reached even the creatives, including the former Blizzard dev Chris Metzen.

Metzen is actually one of the Blizzard legends, as he was primarily behind the creation of highly-popular titles that many know and love today, such as WarcraftStarcraftDiablo, and Overwatch. Now, four years after leaving the company, it seems that Metzen has found a new calling in the tabletop gaming industry.

In a recent tweet as well as an announcement video, Metzen reveals that he’s currently working on his own tabletop game company called Warchief Gaming. The company is composed of a small team for now, and it doesn’t have any games just yet.

However, given who we’re talking about here, we’re sure that Metzen and co. will be able to release incredible tabletop games that many players will be able to enjoy – from beginners to pros.

In any case, Metzen won’t be alone in his endeavor. Accompanying him is Mike Gilmartin, another former employee of Blizzard. Metzen says that the goal for Warchief Gaming is to return to Blizzard’s roots.

Warchief Gaming wants to return to what made Blizzard so successful to begin with, when popular tabletop titles such as Dungeons & Dragons and Warhammer had a huge impact on beginners.

In any case, we can see just how excited Metzen is for this new journey of his. Metzen left Blizzard some time in 2016, and had put the gaming scene behind him when he decided to retire. However, it appears that the passage of time only revitalized his love for gaming.

That being said, Warchief Gaming aims to release physical tabletop games and not virtual ones. Even though the market for physical tabletop games have somewhat become stagnant recently, as more and more gamers prefer to meet with friends virtually instead, Metzen is aware that this isn’t an entirely dead scene.

Warchief Gaming probably couldn’t have come at a better time, as gamers and the video game industry itself have been constantly toeing the line between tabletop and video games. As each day passes, the lines between the two continue to blur and blend together.

As a matter of fact, fans are even getting more creative, as a fan-made tabletop version of the social deduction game Among Us went viral quite recently.

In other news, it seems that launching a tabletop company is turning into somewhat of a trend as of late, as Critical Role – known for its Dungeons & Dragons campaigns – has also recently announced the launch of its own tabletop publishing company called Darrington Press.

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