Fornite Welcomes Blade As Part of Crossover With Marvel

Fortnite has officially confirmed that Marvel’s legendary vampire hunter Blade will be joining the game’s character lineup. The superhero was teased a few days ago by both Marvel Entertainment and Fortnite on their official Twitter accounts.

Blade joins a growing cast of Marvel superheroes inhabiting the ever-popular battle royale title as part of its Season 4 update which challenges players to team up and defeat the powerful villain Galactus. Fortnite’s Season 4 has been a very significant time both in and out of the game.

Outside Fornite, the continuing legal battle between Apple and Epic Games has made the new Marvel content more difficult to access for all iOS and Mac users. However, for everyone else, the new season has been exhilarating, consistently adding more beloved Marvel superheroes for players to meet and fight. As if this wasn’t enough, a recently released customizable skin allows players to design their own hero costume and use it during matches.

If players aren’t into making their own costumes, they can always borrow the outfits of an existing hero instead. As posted on Fortnite’s official website, Blade’s skin is now available in the game. Players can either buy the Blade Outfit or the Blade Bundle from the in-game shop. The featured skin comes with the Sword of the Daywalker which can be used as a pickaxe and a piece of Black Bling which can be equipped on the character’s back if they own both.

The Dayflier Glider will also be included in the game following the recent X-Wing Glider which gives players new exciting ways to drop into the battlefield. Another new addition to the game is an emote called Daywalker’s Kata which allows the legendary vampire hunter to bust off his jaw-dropping martial arts moves.

Blade’s addition as a character skin and not as a quest-relevant NPC is an exciting decision from the developers. While the character is a well-known hero, he’s not as popular as Iron Man and Thor. In addition, his specialty on supernatural creatures such as zombies and vampires means he will not have much to play in the story revolving around Galactus – the planet eater. Allowing fans to play him is a great way to promote the character without forcing him into the season’s overarching storyline.

There is no better time to get interested in Blade as the hero is expected to appear soon in the Marvel Cinematic Universe which will be played by Mahershala Ali. In addition, the original Blade film trilogy will be included in Hulu’s library in October which gives players the opportunity to know more about the Marvel superhero.


The arrival of Marvel superheroes on Fortnite’s island has come with its own tie-in comic for the exclusive event where a group of Marvel characters teams up to fight against Galactus. However, these comics aren’t just added for the tie-in as Marvel confirmed them as canon. Blade’s introduction in Fortnite is another great method to increase the hype for the character and will certainly be another great addition to a strong season of super-powered content.

Christian Allen Tandoc
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