Respawn Reveals Potential Changes to Apex Legends’ Loba

As of now, Apex Legends is halfway through Season 6, which is why many of the fans are wondering what Respawn Entertainment has in mind to shake things up with the current legends.

This sixth season eason was when Rampart was introduced to the game, but players are noticing that Season 5’s legend is being left out and forgotten. Loba from Apex Legends Season 5 appeared to be a wonderful addition to the meta with her teleportation skills and looting abilities.

However, the downside is that she has some pretty crippling weaknesses, so much so that she’s currently on the bottom tier if you compare the different legends and their character strengths.

When Season 6 was launched, many fans were requesting for a Loba buff, which was, in fact, given to them. However, it seems that this was not enough.


In Season 6, Loba’s Black Market Boutique ultimate received a buff, reducing its cooldown time from the original three minutes to ninety seconds. This meant that Loba and her team were able to loot more often.

However, the downside to this is the fact that her ultimate, the Black Market Boutique, is a kind of ability that would let the enemies know where her position is. Before she received the buff, developer Daniel Klein talked about boosting her looting powers by possibly increasing the number of looted items from two to three or ever four.

Previously, Klein explained why giving Loba a major buff would not be a logical move. For one thing, he says that if they implement the potential buffs for Loba, many of these would alter the gunfighting so much that it would no longer be the same Apex Legends game fans know and love.

In a response to a Reddit thread talking about the patch notes, Klein says “the main reason we can’t just bring everyone up to Lifeline/Wraith/Pathfinder’s level is that we’re then stepping away from making a gun game and approaching making a character game.”

He used Overwatch as a reference, saying that it’s a great example of a character game. However, that’s not the kind of game the studio wants Apex Legends to be. Even though it can’t be denied that the character abilities in Apex Legends play a huge role, it’s still a shooter title that focuses more on guns and the like.


Among other things, Klein also discusses the reasons why it would be a problem to either eliminate Loba’s weaknesses or increase her capabilities.


We can see now that the devs really do want to make some positive changes to Loba’s character, but it’s just too complex given the fragility of her abilities’ balance. The developer also shared a few potential ideas for Loba, but it might take a while before any improvements get implemented since they would still need to test it.

For now, it’s good to at least know that the team over at Respawn Entertainment is brainstorming ideas about the possible ways Loba can be used in the sixth season and how they can improve her.

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