Forspoken New Trailer Introduces Story and Amazing Magical Spells

Sony’s PlayStation Showcase event in September showed a slew of fresh announcements as well as new peeks at highly anticipated forthcoming titles, including Square Enix’s Forspoken. The first trailer for Forspoken was released in March of this year.

The fantasy action game raised more questions than it answered, but Square Enix appears to be ready to start answering some of them today. The major news is that Forspoken will be released in spring 2022.

Forspoken centers around heroine Frey Holland traveling from real-world New York City to the mythical country of Athia, where she has access to a variety of magical skills, as stated in the announcement. The game’s adversary is revealed in a new PlayStation Showcase video for Forspoken.


Tanta Syla is the most powerful of the Tantas, who must be the world’s magic-users. There’s even a brief confrontation between Frey and this adversary that doesn’t go Frey’s way in the teaser.

The game’s visuals for its magic, in particular, stand out in the new Forspoken teaser. Frey is seen using a variety of incredible magic, including planting bombs on the ground and in the sky, pulling herself along in the sky, creating floating water orbs, summoning a large flaming sword and a golden shield, and freezing enemies in a large shard of ice, similar to Final Fantasy’s Diamond Dust. Frey looks to have complete control of all-natural elements, which she wields with ease.

The trailer also emphasizes traversal, which was previously revealed in Forspoken as having open-world exploration. Frey is seen sprinting swiftly and jumping twice, both of which are essential movement mechanics. However, Frey may now be shown swinging from grappling points in the teaser. Even more thrilling, she appears to grapple in the open air, summoning platforms to stand on in the middle of a jump.

YouTube video

While the graphics for Forspoken’s magical powers and navigation are the most exciting parts of the video, the game’s plot gets a lot of attention. It takes its time establishing Frey and a second character, in particular. Cuff, a voice from Frey’s bracelets, is the second character, and there’s certainly a lot more to him than meets the eye.

Even with two large trailers and a large amount of Forspoken gameplay, the action RPG remains a mystery. Square Enix looks to have a remarkable game on its hands, but the most thrilling aspects of Forspoken may be held aside until closer to release. In the coming months, expect to hear more.

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