Fortnite Battle Bus Featured Inside Universal Studios California

Epic Games’ Fortnite continues to evolve as Chapter 2, Season 8, is updated with new items, weapon balance, and other changes. Universal Studios is now getting the Fortnite treatment. Theme park visitors have seen the Fortnite Battle Bus outside of the Universal California Cinema.

Epic Games is recognized for advertising Fortnite with events that extend outside the battle royale, most notably Fortnite Chapter 1 Season 5 – Worlds Collide. Epic Games may be planning a new campaign or more crossovers with the appearance of the Fortnite Battle Bus in Universal California. Fans of Universal Studios’ film collection and its concentration on horror may be acquainted with the company’s film repertoire, and Fortnite’s Battle Bus may be included in this year’s “Halloween Horror Nights.”


The Fortnite Battle Bus was observed in different phases of construction by Twitter user Theme Snark inside Universal Studios’ California theme park. The first image Theme Snark provided was of a simple blue school bus, but the second image resembled what many Fortnite players know as the Battle Bus. Finally, in Theme Snark’s third shot, the Fortnite Battle Bus was seen in “night mode.”

The night version of Fortnite’s Battle Bus is decked out in pink and blue neon lights, with the V-Buck emblem prominently displayed in the roof’s center. The Battle Bus has neon arrows pointing forward on both sides, but it lacks the balloon that allows it to glide over the battle royale island. It’s unknown if a balloon will be added to the Battle Bus in the future, but if it is, a Fortnitemares-inspired flotation device wouldn’t be surprising.

Universal Studios has the rights to several fantastic properties, like Fast and Furious, Minions, Chucky, and Halloween, which may be included in Fortnite in the future. Given that the Fortnite Battle Bus will be arriving at Universal Studios during Halloween Horror Nights, it is possible that it will be previewing additional horror movie-themed skins like Michael Myers, The Mummy, or Van Helsing. Frankenstein’s Monster is a Universal figure who was just brought to Epic Games’ battle royale as part of this year’s Fortnitemares, so it’s not out of the question.

Universal theme parks are well-known for undergoing extensive renovations for Halloween, and this year is no exception. This year’s addition of Fortnite’s Battle Bus might be a promo for Fortnitemares, which has already begun and will run through November 1. Although this year’s Fortnitemares adds cube monsters and the Sideways, the Battle Bus is presently standing alone at Universal California.

Christian Allen Tandoc
Christian Allen Tandoc
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