New additions to the Fortnite item shop are always a welcome change, so when the Mandalorian made its way to the battle royale title with the fifth season of Chapter 2, it was a welcome addition to all fans who had been looking to see the Star Wars character make an appearance since the leaks started to surface online. We saw a new Mandalorian skin, we saw the character smashing into the island, with the crash site looking to be more than meets the eye.

What Else is Coming to Fortnite?

The number of crossovers that we have seen as of late, as well as the crash site now appearing, has to lead to fans trying to figure out what they can expect to see next. With the likes of Halo’s Master Chief and Kratos from God of War fame making appearances in the title, it would seem that the sky’s the limit. Trying to figure out just what could be coming next seems to be more difficult than ever before to guess what could be coming to Fortnite.

The Crash Site

You will notice that there is a new desert biome located on the map which plays host to the crashed ship of The Mandalorian. You will also spot the character himself walking around that particular area, who you can attack to get a hold of the thermal sniper rifle. There isn’t much else to do with the Fortnite tie in with Mandalorian, or so it seems.

Sources suggest that an Epic Games concept artist is expecting changes to come to Fortnite later in the season where the crash site is concerned. What the changes are going to remain to be seen, though it would seem that Epic is by no means done with crossovers.

The Stealthy Stronghold location has played a huge part in the online speculation as the season has progressed, which on the surface seems to be high walls surrounding a jungle location. This leads to rumors that a Predator crossover could be coming to the game, much to the delight of that particular franchise. This seems to be a sure-fire thing as it has been all but confirmed by the game’s developers, especially where the teases are concerned. These included an audio transmission which not only mentioned Predators, but also the date that the original movie hit the big screen.

Whether this comes true or not, it is obvious to see that Fortnite has no intention of slowing down with the crossovers in the game. This is bound to have attracted a wealth of new players to Fortnite, giving even more popularity to a title that continues to take the industry by storm. Could we be seeing predators in Fortnite? And what of the crash site of the Mandalorian? Whatever is coming next, we hopefully won’t have to wait much longer to see what Epic Games has in store for the continually growing fanbase that it is attracting as of late.

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