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Good books have made people famous, successful, and happy. These books act as a companion, give knowledge, serve a purpose, and sometimes are just a refreshing read. The remarkable thing about books is one, you can never run out of them, and two, and there are numerous categories and topics covered to spike the interest of different people.

Surely, nothing beats a good ol’ dusty book being extracted from a bookshelf at a library for a sunset read, but life has become far too busy for these little pleasures. Now, if one has to read amidst juggling work and personal life, a digital library is a much more convenient method.

The benefit of having a book device such as a Kindle, a book app such as iBooks, and the websites that this article lists is that the books are of no weight, hundreds can be carried in your smartphone at the same time; they take up no space, and can be read anywhere and at any time. These virtual books can also be rated, reviewed, and lent to friends and followers. Now, you can come across the feedback of millions of readers to help you choose whether you want to buy and read the book or not, or if it is similar to your tastes.

The reason we have complied a thought-out list for you is that there are many book-reading websites on the internet but not all of them have the original books, the complete versions, and offer a good reading experience. Just visit the website, choose your book, and voila! You do not need to wait for it to be delivered to your doorstep; you can start reading the book at that very time! Before we get down to the list, it is important to mention the fact that the following sites require a stable internet connection to work properly. So, if your internet is troubling you, check out Spectrum internet, and subscribe to one of the best internet plans available in your area. With that said, let us shed some light on the best places on the internet to read and buy books: Best to Read Online

One of the most famous websites for writers and readers alike, Wattpad allows authors of all genres and ages to submit their writings, be ranked, rated, and reply to the reader’s comments. This website is an absolute delight for fan-fictions and reading new authors. Most popular authors and NY-time bestselling writers started their journey from Wattpad. Whilst this website does not have traditionally published books online, it highlights talent for all genres and is mostly free. Moreover, it acts as a social media platform for book lovers because it allows them to engage outside the book as well. Moreover, the Wattpad team hosts “The Watty Awards” where the best writers are nominated by the readers win awards worth a lot.

Project Gutenberg: Best to Read Online

Perhaps the oldest and most visited book-reading website, Project Gutenberg is a must-visit if you’re into classics. It has a wide variety of books that can be imported into multiple formats to read. From the world’s favorite books to the most downloaded e-books, you can filter to your liking. This website is also a great tool for students because all the literary gems are present here!

Powell’s Books: Best to Buy Online

Powell acts as your modern-day librarian by virtually assisting you in your book purchases, free goodies, and other bookaholic collectibles on their digital shop. The user interface is super easy to navigate and it is also known to feature new authors which means the trending books will be available. The delivery time and cost depends on your location, however, delivery above $50 is free.

Better World Books: Best to Read and Buy Online

The best of both worlds, this website not only allows you to download e-books but also is a book-ordering website, which stores both used, and new books and with every purchase donates to charity! It has a wide array of both fiction and non-fiction titles. If your title is not available as an e-book, you can request it and within two hours, they will scan and send it to you! Moreover, their worldwide shipping is free.

BookMooch: Best to Get and Sell Books Online

This website is a festive wonder. It mostly deals in titles that are not easily available. All one has to do is make an account, list several books to donate, and list several books he/she wants. The entire process is free however when someone requests your book, you will be paying for the shipment. Nevertheless, when you get your book, you will get it free of cost. You can also donate to charity on this website. What is better than just reading an anticipated book? Feeling good about having given a share to the needy of course!

Skyo: Best for Renting Textbooks

As parents and students, we want to save money on expensive textbooks that will not be accompanying us for more than a semester. This website enables you to do just that! It allows you to “rent” the textbook for a particular time and then return it. Moreover, if you want the digital version of the book, it will rent you that as well. Now, this is what we are talking about!

These websites are must-visits for all, as not only do they make reading convenient, accessible, and easy but also they help make the world a much more learned place.