Freddy Krueger Joining Dead By Daylight Mobile Killer Roster

Dead By Daylight has tons of playable survivors and killers that are available on both PC and console. However, the mobile version is still catching up to the main game’s current roster with Quentin Smith and Freddy Krueger being the newest additions for mobile players in the next update.

Both Quentin and Freddy are guest characters for Dead By Daylight Mobile from the 2010s A Nightmare on Elm Street remake. Like many of the other killers in the game, Freddy goes by a new nickname while inside the entity realm where he is called The Nightmare.


With Freddy being considered as one of the murderous killers in the main game, mobile players will have to keep an eye out for him. His skill to bring survivors into the dream world, be invisible to awakened survivors, and hide his terror radius makes him particularly dangerous for the unprepared.

There are various traps that Freddy Krueger users can utilize for survivors that fall asleep. One of the most lethal ones is Dream Snare, which will slow any sleeping survivors that step on the trap for a short period of time and make an audible noise. Another is the Dream Pallet, which Freddy Krueger players can put as a fake pallet that can trick survivors looking for an escape.


Freddy will have access to better map coverage if there are many survivors in the dream world. This is thanks to Freddy’s ability to teleport to any generator within his view with the cooldown for the ability lessened by 15% for every survivor trapped in the dream world. Using this skill can scare survivors working on generators a little too fast.

Survivors who will be put to sleep can wake up and go out of the dream world in various ways which include being directly woken up by an awakened survivor, failing a skill check, or using the alarm clock situated on the map.

However, there is no way to stay awake forever with survivors getting gradually sleepy every time Freddy Krueger is the killer in the match.

Christian Allen Tandoc
Christian Allen Tandoc
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