Now that most people around the world have plenty of time at home, why not try out new games, especially when they are free! You wouldn’t mind that, would you?

Epic Games is taking advantage of this apocalyptic time. It’s offering includes free games like The Stanely Parable and Watch Dogs.

The Stanley Parable: It’s a first-person exploration game. You’ve probably guessed it. You’ll play as a guy named “Stanley,’ but hold on, you also get the option to not play as “not Stanley.” It’s a game of choices, you will be offered different scenarios as you go along. You might want to play the story, or not play the story. It’s your choice!

Watch Dogs: What happens when the whole city turns against you? You’ll be running to save your life in Chicago. The entire city is trying to kill the infamous hacker named “Aiden Pearce,” who also has a checkered past with violent family tragedy.

Both games are only available to play on PC. Enjoy your stay at home and stay safe!