Galarian Mr. Mime Debuts In Pokemon Go Next Week

Niantic has revealed that the Galarian form of Mr. Mime, as well as its evolution Mr. Rime, will be arriving in the hit mobile game Pokemon Go next week as part of a new research event. Although Mr. Mime is originally has a psychicfairy typing, its Galarian form makes it psychic/ice. The Galarian area is the most recent region in the Pokemon mainline games, as it made its debut in Pokemon Sword and Shield last year. The new area is greatly inspired by the United Kingdom.

Mr. Rime debuted in the Pokemon franchise via Pokemon Sword and Shield. Mr. Mime is one of the original 150 Pokemon from the game’s first-generation and didn’t get any evolutionary forms until last year’s most recent entry to the main games.

Pokemon Go received its first Galarian Pokemon through Weezing when Pokemon Sword and Shield released earlier this year. As the year progressed, the mobile game also received Daramuka, Sunfisk, Zigzagoon, and Galarian Meowth as well as their evolved forms.

Based on a blog post released on the official website of Pokemon Go, the event for Galarian Mr. Mime will start next Saturday, December 19, 2020, beginning at 10 AM, and will end on Sunday, December 21 at 8 PM. All times will be at the player’s local time zone.

In addition, Cubchoo, Woobat, Spoink, Swinub, Jynx, and other currently unrevealed Pokemon will have a higher chance of showing up when an Incense is active. Lucky players will also have the opportunity to encounter the Shiny form of Cubchoo. Incenses will also be more efficient at charming all kinds of Pokemon during the event and the Incense will last for three hours.

Tickets for the event, which costs $8, will be available for purchase in the in-game shop until December 20, 6 PM local time. They can only be bought with real bucks and not PokeCoins, and they will also unlock additional bonuses.


During the event, players with tickets will be given various tasks, each of which will involve encounters with the Alolan forms of Snorunt, Chimecho, Whismur, Jynx, Vulpix, and Jigglypuff. As additional bonuses, participants will also receive three Starpieces, three Super Incubators, two Glacial Lure Modules, a Poffin, three Premium Battle Passes, thirty Ultra Balls, three Rare Candies, and three Incenses as well as a new Mr. Mime-inspired avatar pose.

Unalarmingly, some Pokemon Go fans are not satisfied that some of the content for the upcoming event are accessible only after spending money. Whenever Pokemon Go attempts to extort money for new content in its otherwise free-to-play format, players have always complained, but limiting access to an entirely new kind of Pokemon appears to be particularly selfish.

Christian Allen Tandoc
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