Genshin Impact Guide: Achievements and Trophy Stars

Genshin Impact’s Trophy Stars and Achievements are closely associated but just how exactly are they related and what are their roles in the game?

Most Genshin Impact fans consider its reward system as the heart of the game and this is particularly true. Being a free to play MMORPG, the game depends on its gacha system in order to earn a profit. This means players will have to spend some real-life cash to get random rewards including powerful weapons and characters.

However, not all players want to open their wallets just for a game and this is totally understandable. The truth is, players can play and even reach the endgame without having to spend a single dollar. Fortunately, there are in-game rewards that players can depend on to progress in the game. There is no better way to earn free rewards in Genshin Impact than accomplishing Achievements.


The game has set numerous Achievements for players to complete as they travel around Teyvat. As players progress and finish in-game quests, the game will notify them if they have finished an Achievement.

Achievements are essential in Genshin Impact due to they wouldn’t be given useless rewards for a player’s achievement, they will also receive Primogems – Genshin Impact’s in-game currency. They will also be able to receive other rewards such as Namecards which players can use to personalize profiles and display how much they have accomplished in the game.

For players to get more Primogems, they need to spend real-life money. However, finishing Achievements is the best way to get instant and free Primogems. The number of Primogems a player can get depends on how difficult the Achievement is.

Some Achievements come with gold and red emblems next to their titles. Players can see star-shaped slots when they check on these emblems. These slots are called Trophy Stars.

Players need to complete these Achievements repeatedly before the system recognizes them as totally complete. The Trophy Stars act as markers to the number of times a player has to do a particular Achievement again.

Most Achievements will only have one star-shaped slot. This means players only need to complete that Achievement once. However, Achievements more than one star-shaped slot will ask players to do the task multiple times for them to get the Trophy Stars.

During these times, the game’s system gradually increases the difficulty level every time a player completes the Achievement. Players can expect to earn more Primogems the higher the difficulty of the Achievement.

Players can then use their earned Primogems to buy Wishes and convert them to Fates. Doing this will earn them the opportunity to gain powerful weapons and characters on Genshin Impact.

Christian Allen Tandoc
Christian Allen Tandoc
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