Apex Legends Officially Reveals Horizon In New Trailer

Fans have already known beforehand who the new Apex Legends character will be due to previously released hints and leaks, but Respawn Entertainment’s newly-dropped trailer has officially cemented and confirmed any and all theories surrounding the upcoming seventh season.

The new trailer appears to be more of a backstory video that looks more or less inspired by Christopher Nolan’s Interstellar, which confirms the inclusion of Horizon. This new announcement came after Apex Legends’ Halloween event started.

The new video is entitled “Promise” and is a part of a brand-new series called “Stories from the Outlands.” The cinematic trailer puts the spotlight on astrophysicist Horizon, who happens to be the upcoming new Legend that players have heard so much about recently.

Thanks to this, we now have a better understanding of Horizon and her backstory in general. As mentioned, the upcoming character is an astrophysicist, and she goes on a journey to a black hole in order to find and gather a resource needed to help with the energetic crisis that her home planet is facing.


Just like in the movie Interstellar, Horizon had to make the difficult decision of leaving behind her family for the sake of saving humanity. The scientist promises her kid that she will return, but unfortunately, time doesn’t wait for anybody. Horizon ends up spending decades trying to make her way out of the black hole.

Despite the somber introduction of Horizon, there’s a lot to look forward to in Apex Legends Season 7, which is set to release earlier than initially expected. For one thing, the new season will feature new mechanics and content.

For instance, Horizon is capable of controlling time and space using the mysterious crystals she gathered around the black hole. That being said, Respawn Entertainment has yet to fully reveal the details of the scientist’s gravity-based abilities.

Among other things, Respawn has also confirmed the addition of the new map Olympus, which is a floating city up above the planet’s surface. This third map was initially hinted at, and it’s great to know that it’s finally announced as an official part of the game.

It appears that vehicles might be introduced into Apex Legends soon as well, as Respawn Entertainment has recently teased the existence of the Trident, a three-seated speedster.

It’s safe to say that this year’s Fall season has been exceptional to Apex Legends players, given its many upcoming inclusions and the fact that the title recently implemented cross-play support.

That being said, it’s worth keeping in mind that there are restrictions in place when it comes to this new feature. More specifically, Apex Legends’ cross-play matchmaking pools, by default, are connected on the Xbox One and PlayStation 4.


As for those who play the game on PC, they are separated by their very own ecosystem. That being said, it’s not all bad news, as those teams that comprise of players from the three different platforms can still play together, but they will automatically be included in the PC matchmaking pool.

Horizon was previously teased in-game when the new character herself asked players for help in the form of different challenges, so Respawn confirming her inclusion through the cinematic trailer wasn’t a cause for surprise. What was surprising to players, though, is Horizon’s gravity-based abilities.

This just goes to show that Respawn Entertainment is truly working hard to make Apex Legends as innovative as possible.

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